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Sunday, January 2

Time Warner Names Ratzinger as Pope Frontrunner

TIME.com: Rome's Next Choice? -- Jan. 10, 2005

Time Magazine
Sunday, Jan. 02, 2005
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, the chief architect of Pope John Paul II's traditionalist moral policy, has long been a bugaboo for liberal Catholics. But they had stopped worrying that the German might one day ascend to St. Peter's throne. His hard-line views and blunt approach had earned him the epithet of panzerkardinal and too many enemies. Well, their worrying may now resume. Sources in Rome tell TIME that Ratzinger has re-emerged as the top papal candidate within the Vatican hierarchy, joining other front runners such as Dionigi Tettamanzi of Milan and Claudio Hummes of Sao Paolo. "The Ratzinger solution is definitely on," said a well-placed Vatican insider.

Well, the Prophecies of St. Malachy indicate that the next Pope will be "Gloria Olivae" - of the Glory of the Olive, which implies:

"Concerning Gloria Olivae ("The Glory of the Olive"), Mr. Bander points out that the Order of St. Benedict is otherwise known as the "Olivetans" and that their tradition holds that this Pope will be of their order. Mr. Dupont's conclusions and those of others, reinforce Mr. Bander regarding the Gloria Olivae, for this would seem to be none other than that miraculously designated Pope who, after a horrible period of world turmoil, will, by his exemplary holiness, convert masses of people and leaders of nations to the Roman Catholic Church. During his pontificate there will be "one fold and one shepherd."(12)

It has also been proposed that the Glory of the Olive is Christ, Israel being referred to as the Olive tree and Christ the Glory of Israel. If this meaning is accepted then the next Pope would be Jesus and he would reign at His second coming. This would negate the idea of Petrus Romanus, but would make the listing of the Popes consistent with the original Malachy prophecies of 111 Popes."

. . .

A possible scenario, but the most distasteful for the Catholic Church, is that the original prophecies of St. Malachy (111 popes) are correct and at the passing of John Paul II the college of Cardinals elects a Pope who is not a true believer and he becomes the false Prophet. This could be devastating to the Catholic believers between the election of the Gloria Olivae Pope and the Rapture. This would indicate that the prophecies of Malachy were not from the Lord. If he (the Gloria Olivae) is a false pope, it will be extremely detrimental to the marginal or carnal Christians. A large portion of the Catholics (968 million) will accept the Gloria Olivae Pope as the Vicar of Christ and if he is the false prophet, he will turn them to the Antichrist and indicate he (the Antichrist) is the Savior of the world. This would be the False Religion of Revelation 17, Babylon the Harlot.

The Point: Ratzinger is not the frontrunner, as he is not of the Benedictine (Olivate) order.

A blogger writes:

All that having been said, what should we expect from the new pope? Here’s my best guess.

He’ll be African. He’ll be staunchly conservative, probably fluent in English so that he can a) scold the bad North American Catholics directly, and b) more easily coax donations from those same Catholics. I believe that the Italian cardinals, concerned about the spread of Islam, will choose a conservative pope who is like minded. I would expect the world’s first black pope, a man who in many ways will side with the US on current foreign policy related matters, but who will cause further drift between the Church and American Catholics, whose issues such as female ordination, contraception and gay acceptance, will be squashed quite directly. In a few years time, this could lead to a split among Catholics, with a Euro-American Church run more liberally, and a Southern Hemisphere Church, run more traditionally.

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