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Friday, January 28

Tupper Saussy's "Rulers of Evil"

Tupper Saussy is arguably this generation's antithesis of Ezra Pound, the poet who opposed the Money Masters and paid the price. Saussy's new book, The Rulers of Evil: Useful knowledge about governing bodies is the dual to Dan Brown's The Davinci Code:

"I've found that DaVinci Code is a kind of Scholastic Aptitude Test for Rulers of Evil. (Formula: DVC is the SAT for ROE.)

DVC gives the devil's side of reality, which is brilliant but ends in hell. ROE shows how God uses the devil, which is equally brilliant but ends in a choice of heaven or hell.

While I was writing ROE, many confidants suggested the story might be better told as a novel. Maybe if I'd had Dan Brown's skills (DVC is the only book of his that I've read) I could have done that. But I was equipped to look just beneath the surface of things and make some sense out of what I saw, with the Bible as my final authority on questions of faith, morals, science, and history. So I just told it like it was -- and in matters of clandestine warfare, how it MOST LIKELY was (because clandestine warriors rarely leave the kind of evidence historians require).
I wonder how DVC would have developed if the Bible had been Dan Brown's final authority?
Anyway, DVC has stimulated interest in ROE, but in a word-of-mouth way. A guy says he read DVC, the ROEder says "Congratulations! Now you're ready for ROE!"

Try that, and have a couple of ROEs in the trunk of your car."

Saussy examines some of the gods and goddesses of Washington D.C. and asks just what some of its civic art represents. For example:

"She is arguably the most observed, the most seen, artifact in the world. Her statue is broadcast in millions of media impressions every day.

Rich in legal importance, she defines the relationship between American government and anyone in the world contracted to it.

She is officially classified as “the only authorized Symbol of American heritage.” Yet of the millions who see the Mystery Woman on a daily basis, very few have ever really seen her.
You can see her now by touching her with your cursor
Yes, the Mystery Woman stands atop the U.S. Capitol dome.

The act of standing upon property is an aggressive legal demonstration. Standing upon a thing is an ultimate proof of ownership in adverse possession.

Could it be that the Capitol's mystery woman literally... owns the entire facility she crowns? Could the United States Congress belong to her?

Officials named her Freedom because her classical identity, Persephone, was meaningless to most Americans.

Persephone was a Graeco-Roman goddess abducted by Saturn’s son Hades, who enthroned her as queen-consort of his dominion, the underworld. She rules over the earth’s interior, particularly the metals and minerals.

America’s Freedom is Goddess of Petroleum, a fact one should bear in mind when examining her government’s military presence in the Middle East.

How on earth did Saturn’s daughter-in-law acquire the supreme place of honor over Washington? Who put her there? When? Why? Under what circumstances? What is the theological history of this “only authorized Symbol of American heritage”? What is her future?
Answers to these and many more questions about America’s extraordinarily mysterious origins will be found in Rulers of Evil. "

For those confused over how the USA, a nominally Christian Nation can commit such horrible acts of war, Saussy has some harsh words:

"But moral authority in the Arab and Muslim world is not the Bible. A world whose moral authority comes from the Koran (or any other source, for that matter) cannot understand that the Chairman and his American beast, in building "worldwide solidarity" for the better management of evildoing, can lawfully grant special immunities from the rigors of international law to favored subjects, such as other transgressing Muslim leaders who cooperate in the solidarity process.

The world is ruled by the Bible, a single infallible standard which provides that evildoers – persons who deny the deity and unique saving power of Christ – are subject to rule by evildoers created and appointed by God. It has been so, I maintain in Rulers of Evil, since Cain. This is the fundamental fact of human life, clearly stated in the Bible: "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things." (Isaiah 45:7)

The American beast and its Vatican mistress are evils created by God out of unregenerate humanity for the purpose of ruling souls that have chosen to be cursed by Him rather than blessed. “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both you and your seed may live.” (Deuteronomy 30:19) Since only Jesus Christ claims to be "the Life" (John 14:6), one's choosing any other means of delivery from death invites death itself, a process regulated by the rulers of evil.

A ruler of evil cannot choose the Life and continue the ruses, deceptions, violence, and betrayal necessary to remain in power. Under the scriptural standard, the "Christians" in world rulership must be followers of what the apostle Paul termed "another Jesus, another gospel," living out their death, doling out benefits and punishments to underlings living out their death. The Life is not prohibited to either, but choosing it requires coming out of Babylon, the angel's metaphor for dying in Christ and enjoying resurrection as a new eternal creature in but not of the world."

Get this book if you want to get additional insight concerning what the "Rulers of Evil" have in store for the world.

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