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Friday, January 28

WSWS: American media whitewashes Bush’s global bullying

Socialism isn't my preferred social ordering, but about the only insightful analysis of current affairs these days is coming from components of the media labelled "Communist" by the "mainstream" volk at Fox News.

An Excerpt:

"The television news coverage of the inauguration was entirely reverential. No pundit challenged Bush’s credentials to speak as the tribune of democracy and freedom and against oppression and violence. No one dared contrast this pretense with his record of waging war abroad and attacking democratic rights at home—to say nothing of his personal bloodlust as Texas governor, when he rubber-stamped the execution of more than 150 Death Row prisoners.

The television networks devoted almost no time to the anti-Bush and antiwar protest demonstrations, far larger and more intense than the protests in 2001, after the Supreme Court intervention into the Florida vote-counting and the theft of the presidential election by the Republican Party.

Overseas, even staid and conservative bourgeois newspapers expressed shock at the extremism and religious mania of Bush’s inaugural address. “Blood-curdling,” “bizarre,” “messianic,” were some of the terms used. Die Tageszeitung in Berlin wrote: “If you take seriously what Bush said before and during his inaugural address, you will really dread this US government.” The Bush administration will “do whatever it thinks is right and won’t have anybody else disturb it. ... The horror is justified.”

In Paris, Le Monde spotlighted the cynicism of the appeals to freedom and democracy, writing, “We can fear that, in the eyes of Mr. Bush, the criteria for tyranny would essentially be hostility toward the United States, and that he would be inclined to close his eyes to the democratic failings of regimes that show cooperativeness.”

Another French newspaper, the Bordeaux-based Sud Ouest, published a column warning, “With this president, the world feels like it’s dancing on a volcano. We’re not only talking about his foreign policy, which set Iraq on fire, worsened the situation in the Middle East and loosened the link with European allies. We also think about his economic policy based on abysmal deficits which put the USA (and therefore the rest of the world) on the edge of a financial crash.”"

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