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Wednesday, February 2

Alaska Volcanoes to Blow Within Weeks

No use trying to re-locate to Alaska to escape the global poweder-keg waiting to explode. Better go to Nunavut.


ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) -- One Alaska volcano has been emitting small bursts of ash for three weeks and another is being shaken by tremors, indicating that eruptions are possible at both within weeks, seismologists said Monday.
Mount Veniaminof on the Alaska Peninsula began spitting out ash earlier this month, and the volcano could be on the verge of a larger blowout, according to the federal-state Alaska Volcano Observatory.

Color Code Key
Green-volcano is dormant; normal seismicity and fumarolic activity
Yellow-volcano is restless; eruption may occur
Orange-volcano is in eruption or eruption may occur at any time
Red-significant eruption is occurring or explosive eruption expected at any time

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