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Wednesday, February 23

Bilderberg de Hoop Scheffer: Question was too difficult for Bush

Yahoo! News - Bush Prematurely Closes News Conference

But NATO (news - web sites) Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer wasn't quite ready to wrap things up — especially since the reporter had specifically directed a question to him. "Let me ..." he started to say.

"I'm sorry," Bush said — twice — then turned to humor to get himself out of the jam.

He pretended the NATO leader had flashed a universal hand motion signaling he didn't want to answer.

"You don't know what this means?" Bush joked to reporters, giving his ear lobe a quick tug. "That means 'end the press conference.'"

De Hoop Scheffer went along. "I signaled to the president this was too difficult a question," he said.

But he took his chance to answer, nonetheless. After a several-sentence statement, de Hoope Scheffer concluded the session with the customary thank-you.

Still, Bush couldn't resist having the last word.

"Now we're finished," he said.

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