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Friday, February 25

Bloggers Will Incite Terror Threats From Gannon-Gate Queries

This Gannon-gate thing is getting way too crazy. For one, the coverage by the mainstream media is very, very tamed down. They limit the debate to Guckert using a false name and present the whole thing as a security breach issue. Trying to play the moral high-road strategy, journalists are dismissing the gay-hooker aspects of it.

But a growing discrepancy is coming to light. Notably, the difference in coverage by the bloggers and the MSM. Bloggers are so far down the rabbit hole on this one, the MSM hasn't a hope in hell to catch up and actually begin to comprehend what could be happening. They are hoping this one will blow over, because any further inquiries might turn up even more gay Republicans, or gay Republican media people. The MSM consistently states that we have no business investigating a person's sexual orientation or habits, either forgetting to mention or blinkering out altogether one name that says it all: CLINTON.

Now we have Gannon denouncing conspiracy theories and generating more of his own by titling a column with a reference to Hunter S. Thompson. This thing could get so big that we'll likely see some terror threats as a signal to back off this one. The US Military and folks at CERN invented the internet - I'm sure they know how to take it down and make it look like a terror attack.

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