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Friday, February 4

Bohemia Grove Owl not Molech?

If you want to go down a rabbit hole and find out the meaning behind the symbol of the owl on the US dollar bill and in the roads arounf the Capitol in DC, then have a look at this article.

Dollar Bill Owl
Owl on the Dollar

Capitol Owl
Capitol Owl

I have not seen any evidence that the owl in the grove symbolizes Molech. Another interesting fact is that in all cases the owl is tied to a goddess (female energy) and not to a god (male energy). Other associations that are made with the above goddesses are the moon and the night, whereas the male versions, the gods, are associated with the sun and daylight. Molech is a (male) god and seems more in line with Zeus(-Ammon), Kronos, Baal-Hammon, Bel, Indra, Adam (according to some) and Tinis. This does not mean that all of these gods I just mentioned are the same, but they share many similar features. Also, they are often associated with a bull or as Zeus is often called, the 'ram-god' and never with an owl.

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