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Wednesday, February 9

Britain's 9/11?

Guest Contributor: John Bayldon

When, some eight years ago I predicted that there would be an attack on New York by means of a kamikaze attack by passenger aeroplane, I was able to do so, because I surmised that the Zionist gang which dominate the White House and is lead by Wolfowitz, would engineer the attack as a casus belli with which to prosecute their aims.

These aims were and are:

Generally to extend Zionist global hegemony of proxy military control, political control, social control, economic control, by the use of proxy armies of U.S and U.K. and the imposition of 'Anti terrorist laws' where a 'Terrorist' by their de facto definition is "Anyone who has the capacity to oppose the Zionist domination of the earth and its people."

Thus, by this definition, the Zionist terrorists of the Irgun Stern gang were not terrorists at all when they blew up the St David hotel, or tortured to death, captured British servicemen, nor when they terrorised their own Jewish people, both directly and by proxy.

When their proxies exterminated the inhabitants of Sabra and Shatilla, it wasn't a crime against humanity, because the victims were not Jewish, but rather, a potential impediment to the Jews. And should anyone mention the atrocity, he is silenced by accusations of 'anti-Semitism.'

While the terrorist and terrorising state of Israel that they created cannot be called a terrorist state no matter how often they bomb defenceless Arab villages in the terrorism of collective reprisal raids, apparently, because these 'lower races' or non-Jew, indigenous inhabitants would wish to resist the Jews takeover of their lands, they are therefore by the above Jew definition, 'terrorists'.

Conversely, the octogenarian Arab woman who pathetically tries to defend her home, facing a gang of 'brave', young, Jewish troops in their £4 million dollar, sixty ton, American tank, armed only with her prayers and a handful of pebbles is a 'terrorist'.

By extension, neither can the terrorising actions of their supporters- U.S. and U.K. be called 'terrorist'.

As I see it, the first military priority of the Zionists under the pretext of 9/11, was to attack Afghanistan, intensifying their plan of isolating and encircling Iran, and the 'Balkanisation' of the Middle East, especially since this move also helps repay their debt/ promise to their non Zionist partners in the American oil and the U.S. war 'defense' sic, industry, who’s firm support they secured with the death of the 'Cold War'milch cow.

Their second priority was to ensure that no 'Terrorist' (see definition above) or anyone capable of organising politically, or raising their voice to expose or oppose the Zionist plans could effectively do so. Thus, the so called 'anti terrorist laws' which effectively turn the citizen of every developed nation from a nominally free citizen, into a cringing serf in the impending Zionist new Dark Age.

The next military target was Iraq. Now whilst the average person will agree and accept that the US/ UK WsMd, terrorist cells, 9/11 connection, etc were all lies and merely the pretext for the bloody and one-sided attack, yet these people fail to ask the question:

-If not for these stated reasons, then what were the true reasons?

-What were the real aims of these warmongers? Aims so desperately important to them, that so many innocent people in their hundreds of thousands, should be maimed, blasted, burned and butchered for its cause?

-What and who were behind it?

Clearly, creatures so desperate to keep their identities, and their plans secret, that they needed to promulgate such elaborate and transparent lies.

The evidence in this instance of wholesale murder, is no different to that which pertains in the investigation of a domestic, or amateur murder:

-Who stands to gain from the killing? (Motive)
-Who had the capability to do the killing?
-Who had the opportunity?

My suspect, at this time, after the event, is Israel and its international Zionist power elite, as it was long before the event, which is why I was able to predict it.

Only Israel and Zionism stands to gain from the overthrow of the previously stable and secular rule of the despot and former puppet, Saddam Hussein, and its dismemberment and replacement by fragmented religious and tribal groups. In this regard, the current lawless state of Iraq was not a mere unforeseen consequence of the US/UK attack, but the principal aim of the invasion (as I predicted long before the war)

For the Zionists well know that a nation composed of disparate religions, races, and political ideologies, sits on a bomb which can be ignited at any time, by a crafty enemy, unless the state is controlled by a tyrant. This theory they exploited so profitably in the overthrow of the Russian Czar, and explains the assiduity with which they have promoted the doctrine of multi-racialism in all nations- other their own of course, ever since.

There is such an abundance of supportive evidence for my theory that it would be impossible to detail it here. However, a good place to begin the investigation is with of the infamous document: 'Program for a new American Century' authored by the Zionist permanent government of the White House

(For as the old English song 'The Vicar of Bray' puts it '..That whatsoever king shall reign, I’ll be the vicar of Bray Sir')- The American citizen may vote in whatever president he chooses, but he can never change the government.

The current strategic scene:

The current political attack on Syria and its peaceful military presence in Lebanon by the US government and Zionist media is incomprehensible until one looks at the big picture:

With the proxy Zionist invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the two big pieces in the jigsaw of the Zionists plan to surround Iran, fell into place.

Iran is isolated from contact with China- via Afghanistan etc, in the East

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, and Oman are now subjugated to 'American' control. Only Syria remains as an independent power within the cordon, and as we see at the moment with Mossad's assassination of Rafiq Hariri, a well orchestrated plan to isolate Lebanon from Syria is under way, leaving Lebanon prostrate and defenceless before a massively armed and aggressive Israel, against the wishes of the Lebanese majority.

Once again an entirely predictable, and indeed predicted event in the Zionist plan to expand Israel from Jordan to the gulf of Oman, and northwards to the Turkish foothills, and beyond.

While one could work from the perspective of who the Jews hate most, that would not get us very far, since the list is so great, approximating to any and every nation they have had anything to do with. Possibly one could exclude such as Iceland and Tahiti, yet one can assess whom they fear most. They fear those nations who have the greatest ability to oppose their schemes, were their citizens to realise what was planned for them.

Were the citizens of America or Great Britain to wake up one day and see what fools they had been, then the entire Zionist scheme of two hundred years in the planning would end instantly, never to be revived.

Therefore the 'fourth estate' of the Zionist media is used- especially in the US, to misinform and stupefy the population. While in the UK, which has no written constitution, the big stick of the law is used.

The reason for the forthcoming 'terror attack' on London:

Presently, the imposition of detention without trial laws is being debated in the U.K. parliament. Under the pretext of 'fighting terrorism' of which there are a claimed two hundred possible terrorists, who 'Want to destroy our British way of life,' (claimed) in a UK population of sixty million.

These proposed laws are unprecedented in their severity in any civilised nation in five hundred years, undermining each and every citizen's rights since Magna Charta and long before. Yet though the simpleton may accept that these measures are necessary or even as a somewhat excessive over reaction to 9/11, the often ignored fact is that it has been an unswerving policy of successive UK governments to impose increasingly harsh and intrusive laws on its citizens; in fact several British newspapers were running campaigns questioning the loss of freedom, and government control of British life, however, all this seems to have been forgotten after 9/11, yet, paradoxically, the answer to their questions seem glaringly self evident today.

The British still have a considerable influence in America, therefore it is essential to the success of the Zionist scheme, that all possible avenues of dissent among the British public is battered into silence. To this end, their social control has been extended recently with attacks on prominent people with accusations of anti Semitism (meaning anti Zionism- not as one may suppose, anti Arabism) and accusations of sacrilege through failing to show respect for the sacred Holocaust- the new, Jew religion of secular Britain, which has usurped the old Jew religions of Christianity, making every British citizen a proxy Zionist in respect of this essential tenet of the modern Zionist creed.

Remarkably, the British House of Lords has rejected the Labour party's attempt to impose the new laws, therefore the Zionists will organise a fake 'terrorist attack' just as they did in New York, in order to terrorise the politicians and public into acceptance of their enslaving laws.

The attack should happen quite soon, I guess about April, but certainly before November 2005 when the old emergency laws expire.

How will they engineer it?

Again a guess: An agent of the British security service acting as agent provocateur will encourage and facilitate a known Islamic nut case to commit a suicide attack against a soft target- tube station, school, synagogue etc, thereby destroying himself and any evidence of a plot.

If the likelihood of the above is regarded as inconceivable from an ethical perspective, then consider what has already been done: How many thousands killed for a lie.

I ask you to consider, aren't such people, capable of this, capable of anything?

Once again- as I always pray when I make a prediction; I hope that even by publishing my fears I may be proven wrong, but- as ever, time will tell.

John Bayldon

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