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Tuesday, February 15

Bush Rubs Heads For Good Luck

Julius Blog and Jeff Wells were the first to point out these photos of George W. Bush rubbing many, many bald scalps. We may as well try to get this thing to work its way up the blogdex.

According to Counterbias, rubbing a black man's head isn't that cool.

"As an individual identified as Cory wrote in letter published online, rubbing an African American's head for luck was at one time thought of as a "joke amongst those who didn't generally say "black person" when referring to one". He noted that the racist practice "may well have faded into obscurity", but would've been "a good way to lose a hand" in more multi-racial neighborhoods in the late seventies and early eighties.

Mr. Bush has long been thought of by many as a stereotypical elitist with a notably racist, anti-black attitude, but this latest misadventure lends credence to such an assumption. "

laying on of hands
n 1: the application of a faith healer's hands to the patient's
2: laying hands on a person's head to invoke spiritual blessing
in Christian ordination

Well hey, it could be a good Christian thing to do - bless people. But then again Bush does some other interesting things with his hands.

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