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Monday, February 28

Cap. Hill Blue Asks: Is Dubya Closeted?

Uh-oh. Dougie Thompson is mad and is out to tear Bush a new turd-cutter. Ouch.

Capitol Hill Blue

Bush lied to Congress, our allies and the American people about why we needed to invade Iraq. He lied again to Congress and the country about the true cost of his politically-motivated Medicare prescription plan. He lies repeatedly about when the Social Security system will run out of money. Recently disclosed audio tapes shows he lied (through omission) about his past drug use.

And, to promote his lies, Bush’s administration and backers deploy liars like James Guckert to pose, under an assumed name, as a journalist.

And were these political hacks are so desperate to find a shill they didn’t even bother to check his background?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Perhaps Bush, like other public homophobes, decries the gay life because of yet another secret in his sordid past. Maybe booze and cocaine wasn’t the only thing our President stuffed into an available orifice.

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