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Saturday, February 12

Commercial Pilot Takes Cool Plume Pics


"We at the Combat Diaries consider that there is something suspicious about the photographs shown below. We think they have been doctored to suggest that the “solution” to the Chemtrails problem is aircraft exhaust. They are reproduced here mainly because they are both spectacular and beautiful. As possible wall posters they are unsurpassed. But would any decent manufacturer of either aircraft fuel or engines allow such a horrendous display from his product? All modern aircraft technology is cut-throat competitive in an environmentally conscious world, and therefore the “new fuel” argument suggested below appears to be faulty. Would anyone buy a product with such devastating exhaust outputs as are shown here? The danger to light aircraft alone must be considerable, not to mention visibility and obscuration problems for airliners. I would go so far as to suggest that the production of such vapour is illegal by any airborne means, being a both a nuisance and a danger."

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