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Tuesday, February 15

Deloitte, Football and Edificio Madrid

It's always fun to thread the links together, and as they always say in journalism - follow the money.

The Star:
Officials said an electrical short circuit was the probable cause. The building, which houses the offices of US accounting firm Deloitte & Touche, was completed in 1979.It is next to a department store and a short distance from the Santiago Bernabeu football stadium, home to Real Madrid.

The accounting firm Deloitte had its head office in Edicifio Windsor, which is located near the Real Madrid stadium Deloitte are specialists in sports club accounting, and a recent press release says that Deloitte's IT systems have not yet recovered from the incident. The release states that: " Currently, our Madrid office is working to recover its IT and information systems. We have activated contingency plans, which include the help and support of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, our global office. "

Furthermore, the Sports Business Group at Deloitte has fifty percent of its activity in European football.

One wonders if Deloitte may have done something in European soccer to anger a soccer fan enough to fire-bag its main office.

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