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Tuesday, February 22

Edmonton, Canada vs. Washington, D.C.

I saw this in the print edition of the local rag, the Edmonton Journal. A rather intellectual couple has an interesting comparison between life in the Great White North and life in the US Capital. Thanks for putting us on that list of "unprotected" areas in the proposed missile shield, yankees.

Six months after moving across the Canadian border, choosing Edmonton over Las Vegas, the American couple say their first impressions about Edmonton proved correct. It is still the laid-back, welcoming, somewhat gritty city it appeared to be in April.

Denham, who grew up in Moscow, Idaho, and Freydberg, born and raised in suburban Chicago, met in 2002 during an anthropology seminar at Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University. Denham, now 29, was starting his anthropology doctorate while Freydberg was finishing up her master's degree. When Freydberg headed to D.C. for work, Denham decided to go with her. But after a year and a half of living with an hour-long daily commute for Denham, the couple decided they'd had enough of the U.S. capital. "On top of that, I'm not a big fan of the government or Bush or any of the administration or a lot of the directions that the U.S. government is going," Denham said. "Everything from the way they do scientific research and suppress data and research -- it's just becoming a totalitarian, fascist state."

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