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Friday, February 4

Enron, Alberta and Energy Deregulation

Albertans who wish to know the root cause of their high energy prices might be wise to inquire with Alberta's Attorney General, Ron Stevens concerning Enron's Calgary-based energy Conspiracy called "Project Stanley":

"In another scheme, believed to have been nicknamed "Project Stanley" in honor of the Stanley Cup hockey trophy, Enron traders in Alberta conspired with other companies to artificially inflate energy prices in Canada in 1999. References to "Project Stanley" were discovered on former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling's calendar on at least two dates, and recorded phone conversations between project leader John Lavorato and Belden released by the utility suggest they knew the scheme — similar to those later used in California — was illegal. . . Canadian officials raided Enron's Alberta office, but the investigation petered out. "

If it was illegal for Enron to do it in California, why hasn't the Alberta government investigated the conspiracy? The answer is obvious - the Klein government will not bite the hand that feeds it - the Houston power base in Calgary. The Feds might have to get involved. All it would take at the Federal level is for six individuals to file a complaint with the Competition Bureau to open the case of conspiracy and have a formal inquiry opened.

"Application for inquiry
9. (1) Any six persons resident in Canada who are not less than eighteen years of age and who are of the opinion that

(a) a person has contravened an order made pursuant to section 32, 33 or 34, or Part VII.1 or VIII,

(b) grounds exist for the making of an order under Part VII.1 or VIII, or

(c) an offence under Part VI or VII has been or is about to be committed,

may apply to the Commissioner for an inquiry into the matter."

An offence under part VI includes Conspiracy:


45. (1) Every one who conspires, combines, agrees or arranges with another person

(a) to limit unduly the facilities for transporting, producing, manufacturing, supplying, storing or dealing in any product,

(b) to prevent, limit or lessen, unduly, the manufacture or production of a product or to enhance unreasonably the price thereof,

(c) to prevent or lessen, unduly, competition in the production, manufacture, purchase, barter, sale, storage, rental, transportation or supply of a product, or in the price of insurance on persons or property, or

(d) to otherwise restrain or injure competition unduly,

is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to a fine not exceeding ten million dollars or to both."

Wake up Oilberta, you got screwed by the Enron Cabal.

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