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Friday, February 25

GROUNDSWELL: Hunter S. Thompson Jeff Gannon/Guckert and Johnny Gosch

A new power is rising. The bloggers are coming.

Todd Brendan Fahey just took up the Gannon-Gosch-Thompson-gate theory originally (in my estimation) coined by the folks at Democratic Underground.

See Todd's analysis HERE.

TBF brings to the table this Jack Blood radio interview with Mack White, who broke the Jeff Wells/TRUNews analysis HERE

The SHOCKING aspects of the Jack Blood interview are twofold.

1. A caller who noted how Jeff Gannon is making his comeback - he is suing the adult domain names and in my estimation may try a lawsuit against the bloggers. That's like suing the free market for going bankrupt.

2. The same caller noted that Gannon's comeback column is titled none other than FEAR AND LOATHING IN THE PRESS ROOM! HERE So it appears Gannon made the allusion himself.

From Mack White:

Excerpt from a January 2003 Democracy Now interview (LINK ):

HUNTER S. THOMPSON: I think a lot of people in this country agree with me. A lot more never say anything. We'll see what happens to me if I get my head cut off in the next week by -- it's always unknown Bush [inaudible] strangers who commit suicide right afterward. No witnesses. They have a new kind of crime. MARY SUMA: Is that the CIA kind of crime?

HUNTER S. THOMPSON: Oh, absolutely. Anyone who's a successful criminal has got a crime. Absolutely no witnesses, no records. We can go on and on. I have to be restrained on the subject.

AGAIN, THERE WERE NO WITNESSES TO HST's DEATH. He Invoked the Hegelian Dialectic to advance his thesis. HST wanted the bloggers to fight for him.

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