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Sunday, February 6

"He is One of Us"

Just prior to the opening Kick-off, there was a video montage of a football player running the field and breaking through a mystical barrier of glass. At the end, the voiceover states "He is one of Us". This is an ancient homage to Empire. "He is one of US" has a subliminality to it, because it confirms in the mind that Bush is ONE of US. E Pluribus Unum - from many, the ONE. The US is the ONE. Bush is one of US in that he is a Christian, and it puts to rest any doubts that he might not be after the Texas Hook'em salute at the Inauguration. JesUS, bUSh, USa. Many google results on the phrase "He is One Of US" have to do with the Messiah. By re-affirming that HE is ONE of US, the message on the subliminal level is clear. No wonder it's called "Programming".

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