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Tuesday, February 22

The Ignored 9-11 ChoicePoint Connection

Fintan Dunne
In fact, recently revealed documents, and a close study of small details made public in the course of the 9/11 commission’s study, show that the F.B.I. may have been several phone calls away from burrowing into the plot in late August 2001.

In a little-noticed exchange at the commission’s hearings this spring between commission member John Lehman and former F.B.I. official Thomas Pickard, the bureau’s acting director in the summer before the attacks, Mr. Lehman asked Mr. Pickard (according to the official transcript): "As you know, very shortly after the September 11th attack, some of the commercial databases like Axion, ICSO (ph), ChoicePoint, so forth were queried and nearly all of the 19 hijackers were very prominently covered, with addresses, credit cards, locations et cetera. Why did not the F.B.I. make use of those commercial databases before 9/11?"

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