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Sunday, February 27

IMF Imposes Austerity Measures on US

(Conspiracy Nation, 2/7/05) -- Yesterday, while Americans were stupefied by "Super Bill Sunday" sports mania, a different sort of super bill was presented for payment in the nation's newspapers. (See "Super Bill Sunday", www.shout.net/~bigred/SuperBill.html for background.)

Heretofore, so-called "austerity measures" were something that happened in "those other countries," those poor, third-world ones. Then, the austerity measures crept into second-world nations such as Russia and Argentina. Next, Germany and France found themselves invaded by the austerity measures. Now, on Sunday, Feb. 6, 2005, while Americans geared up for the annual Super Bowl overindulgences, a Super Bill demanding payment has been presented to U.S. citizens via the newspapers. ("Budget may cut law grants, heating aid," AP, 2/6/05. The proposed 2006 budget, toughest since Bush first took office, will lead to "draconian cuts... very, very heavy cuts," according to one source.)

The note of hand demanding payment was handed off to news flunkies for delivery. Front-man for the collection agency is "Dubya" Bush. The actual moneylenders lurk in the shadows, unseen.


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