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Saturday, February 5

"Jewish" Problem in Russia?

On one hand, this article is highlighting some aspects of Jewish power in Russia such as the Open Russia Foundation while on the other it sort of amalgamates Cabalistic Zionist Jews in with ALL Jews, which is the danger of solving any "Jewish" problem.

We at the eXile believe that President Putin, with his solid popularity and his firm control over the "vertical structures of power," has an historic opportunity to finally implement the kinds of reforms Russia needs to create a lasting, long-term solution for the increasing problem of Jews in this country. Indeed, as much as Jews are a strain on the budget today, it is estimated that in 20 years, Jews will draw such a large share of the Russian budget that the state won't even be fund the two escalators which are currently operating in Sheremetyevo-2.. Russia simply cannot afford the luxury of letting Jews continue on the way they are today. The longer Russia waits, the more the Jews will kvetch.

The Open Russia Foundation is behind much of the war between the Texas Oilmen and the Russian Oligarchs such as Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

The US launch of Open Russia marks a new phase in the Foundation's development. Present at the Library of Congress event were the members of Open Russia's illustrious Board of Trustees - Mikhail Khodorkovsky himself, Dr. Henry Kissinger, Lord Jacob Rothschild, and Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of St. Petersburg's fabled State Hermitage Museum, as well as numerous Members of Congress and other Washington luminaries.

The gala evening opened with welcoming remarks from the host, Librarian of Congress Dr. James Billington, a long-time friend of Russia. Billington stressed the importance of Russia in world culture and the need for the country to be a full member of the world's family of nations once again. Next to speak was World Bank President James Wolfensohn. He chided Billington for his modesty, saying that the Librarian, more than just about anybody else present, was personally responsible for so much that has happened in the recent past to bring Russia and the West closer together.

Taking the podium, Khodorkovsky started his keynote remarks by putting the evening into historical perspective. "A year has gone by since the tragedy and it is September once again, yet none of us have changed our plans, and we continue to work together. They say that the world has changed. I too feel the changes: we have begun to understand one another better, we have finally realized that Russia and America are part of the same indivisible world, and partnership relations between our two countries in many different areas are now developing at a rapid pace."

As examples of these developing relations, he mentioned the first-ever direct shipment of Russian oil to America, which YUKOS had made earlier in the summer; a six-week training course for young Russian regional leaders at the Yale School of Management in the spring; and the summer spent by American students and teachers at a New Civilization camp in Russia.

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