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Friday, February 18

Manitoba Legislature a Masonic Temple


"University of Winnipeg researcher Frank Albo has spent years collecting evidence suggesting the floor plans of Manitoba's Legislative Building might be more occult-based than anyone guessed.

"We have a Rosetta Stone in the heart of the Canadian Prairies ... and it's hidden," Albo said. "My academic career hinges on this, so I've been careful to make sure I'm not inventing things. But the coincidences start to add up to the point where you go, 'This is amazing.' Now the coincidences have so overwhelmed me that I'm mission-bound to find out what's going on."


Albo had hoped to write his thesis on how the Legislature matched the specs of ancient pagan temples, but soon noticed recurring elements that didn't fit the classical mould."


"Flanking the western entrance are two larger-than life statues, carved from Bedford stone. Above is Lord Dufferin, 1877, who represents "The Man of Vision. Dufferin helped define Manitoba's identity as the "Keystone Province". Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood was the third governor general of Canada from 1872-1878, and the first governor general to visit the west. In a speech made in Winnipeg in 1877, he said, "Manitoba is destined to be the keystone of a mighty artch of sister provinces stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific."

Historic Landmarks Commission

One Freemason States:
I need hardly spell out the moral for you. Not only can we achieve collectively far more than we can individually, but an endeavour may only be attainable if we don’t let go, if we work together and in harmony of purpose and action. Freemasonry allows us, encourages us, to conduct our campaign collectively. We can’t afford to let ego or self-interest intrude. As a brother once reminded me, speaking of a lodge where two of the brethren were at loggerheads, ‘When all is said and done, the lodge is greater than the sum of its several parts’.

This principle was codified by Laurence Dermott, the first Grand Secretary of the ‘Antients’Grand Lodge, who wrote, in Ahiman Rezon, part of the Book of Constitutions:

For human society cannot subsist without concord, and the maintenance of mutual good offices; for, like the working of an arch of stone, it would fall to the ground provided one piece did not properly support another.

The keystone at the top is not called the ‘key’for nothing – remove it and, no matter how big the other stones, or how many there are, the arch collapses.

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