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Friday, February 11

Massive US Military Movements Move World Closer To War

From Sorcha Faal:


Recent events involving Russian Military movements of troops and equipment are now apparently being reciprocated by the Americans and their allies. In one report from Canada we can read, "In an abrupt move, American occupation forces withdrew 25,000 troops from Iraq over the weekend."

This report further says about this event, “Citing reports from their correspondent in Basra and other eye witnesses, more than 65 military jets left Basra airbase and 40 American ships left the port of Basra, all carrying the troops to Kuwait. The sudden departure was also confirmed by Mr. Kamal Albasry, an administrator in charge of Um Al-Qasr port.”

This event eerily parallels the events of 60 years ago when on this date in 1945 Premier Stalin, Prime Minister Churchill and President Roosevelt met in the Black Sea region to plan for the final defeat of Nazi Germany.

. . .

Another report received from America says, "This week, former military intelligence analyst William Arkin revealed a hitherto unknown directive, with the Orwellian name "JCS Conplan 0300-97," authorizing the Pentagon to employ special, ultra-secret "anti-terrorist" military units on American soil for what the author claims are "extra-legal missions." In other words, using U.S. soldiers to kill or arrest Americans, acts that have been illegal since the U.S. Civil War."

The recent passing of the American Intelligence Bill completes the melding of the American Military, Intelligence and Policing organizations exactly like it was done in Nazi Germany. Even to the smallest American cities can be seen the pictures of the Nazi helmeted and all black clothing wearing police and military forces, and a scene all to familiar to any country that had come under the control of Nazi Germany.

So complete has the usurpation of America become that a new law called, “REAL ID Act of 2005 (H.R. 418). SEC. 102. WAIVER OF LAWS NECESSARY FOR IMPROVEMENT OF BARRIERS AT BORDERS.” , will allow Americas Homeland Defense organization to suspend all laws and forbid their courts to overturn these decisions. Under the pretext of defending themselves from Mexico, and like the Nazis did with Poland, the final achievement to the Nazification of America will be completed.

Also like the Nazi regime the Americas are only abiding by those international laws and agreements they choose to, even to the breaking of them. This is exampled in the American President hosting a recent event where two of the most wanted persons in Russia, Mikhail Brudno and Vladimir Dubov. As reported in the American newspaper The New York Times it says, "There are no charges against either of these men in the U.S. legal system," Alexander Vershbow, the American ambassador to Russia, told the news agency Interfax on Friday, "so there is no basis for arresting them." But to International treaties with both Russian and Interpol there was this obligation, but which was ignored by them.

Novosti News and Information Agency is also reporting, “It was a crucial element for the Kremlin that Ms. Rice did not visit Moscow during her first tour of Europe and the Middle East in her new capacity. As White House spokesman Richard Boucher said, the secretary would visit friendly countries. Apparently the U.S. no longer views Russia as such, which promises diplomatic frosts."

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