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Friday, February 4

The Next Pope?

SamaBlog Says:
He’ll be African. He’ll be staunchly conservative, probably fluent in English so that he can a) scold the bad North American Catholics directly, and b) more easily coax donations from those same Catholics. I believe that the Italian cardinals, concerned about the spread of Islam, will choose a conservative pope who is like minded. I would expect the world’s first black pope, a man who in many ways will side with the US on current foreign policy related matters, but who will cause further drift between the Church and American Catholics, whose issues such as female ordination, contraception and gay acceptance, will be squashed quite directly. In a few years time, this could lead to a split among Catholics, with a Euro-American Church run more liberally, and a Southern Hemisphere Church, run more traditionally.

News.com.au Writes:
Charismatic Nigerian Francis Arinze, 68, is considered a contender, and would be the first black pope since the early centuries of the church - though like most of the African cardinals, he is a staunch conservative.

The Guardian Writes:

Others cast their eyes to the right of the apostolic palace, to the window of a cardinal who could become very famous very soon. Francis Arinze is tipped by some to succeed John Paul II and become the first African in 1,500 years to sit on the throne of St Peter.
If he does, the world will devour every detail about this stocky Nigerian - that he spent his early years in the countryside outside the Catholic faith; that he loves tennis and football; that he hangs African masks on his apartment walls; that he thinks Muslims, Buddhists and Jews can go to heaven; and that he stopped taking sugar in his tea during the Biafran war.

For many, the most compelling detail would be his race: a black man with more international influence than many white prime ministers and presidents. As pope he would wield a unique blend of spiritual and political power, able to mobilise the opinions of up to a billion Catholics and sway the policies of nation states.

However, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, a confidant of John Paul and the Vatican's theological watchdog, came close when he said electing an African pope "would be a positive sign for the whole of Christendom".

There were protests at Georgetown University in the US when he seemed to equate homosexuality with pornography, fornication and adultery. In a lesser-known incident in London, he insisted that altar girls should remain immobile during mass.

John Paul was so impressed when he visited in 1982 that he summoned him to Rome to manage the Vatican's relations with other faiths.

Shuttling to synagogues, mosques and temples, he forged ties with other religions while maintaining the Pope's strict line on doctrine.

If "handling" communism was the Vatican's 20th-century challenge, Islam is widely thought to be this century's, and one which Cardinal Arinze is equipped to face.

Catholic Planet Writes:
The First Pope After John Paul II

Pope #111 on St. Malachy's list is given the phrase: “From the Glory of the Olive.” This prophetic phrase has several meanings which correctly apply to the next Pope after John Paul II.

a. What is the glory of the olive? The olive branch is a well-known symbol of peace. The glory of the olive is peace. The next Pope after John Paul II will be a man of great peace. Peace will be his banner, peace will be his work, peace will be his goal. He will seek peace among individuals, among nations, among Catholics, between Catholics and other Christians, and between Catholics and adherents of other religions. The next Pope after John Paul II will have a Pontificate distinguished for seeking Peace around the world. He is correctly called the Pope of Peace.

Some say that this prediction of St. Malachy, “From the Glory of the Olive,” refers to the Order of St. Benedict, because they have a well-known group within their order called the 'Olivetans.' There is some merit to this idea. But it does not mean that this Pope will come from the Order of St. Benedict, but rather that he will take the name of Saint Benedict and will live in imitation of him.

The next Pope after John Paul II will take the name Pope Benedict XVI, in imitation of Saint Benedict and also of Pope Benedict XV

Just as the Pontificate of Benedict XV began prior to World War I, so will the Pontificate of Benedict XVI occur prior to World War III. After the Pontificate of Benedict XVI, World War III will begin. The Arab nations will threaten and attack the United States; they will threaten, attack, invade and conquer Europe; they will threaten, attack, invade and conquer the northern part of Africa. It is God's will.

e. Pope Benedict XVI is mentioned in Sacred Scripture, in a hidden manner.

And Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, it is well that we are here; if you wish, I will make three booths here, one for you and one for Moses and one for Elijah.”

This passage from Sacred Scripture describes both a true historical event, which occurred to Jesus and his disciples, and a future event which will occur in the Church. Concerning the future event, the figures of Jesus, Moses, and Elijah represent Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The transfiguration of Jesus represents a transfiguring event in the Christian Church. Peter represents the Pope of that time.

The Church will experience an event that will begin to transfigure the Church to greater holiness. Pope Benedict XVI will be Pope at that time. Very soon after that event, Pope Benedict XVI will suggest to the world that three booths, that is, three places, be built in Jerusalem: a Temple, a Church, and a Mosque. He will suggest that the city of Jerusalem become a place of peace and of worship for all three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Luke's Gospel adds a comment about Peter's suggestion: “not knowing what he said” (Luke 9:33). This suggestion of Pope Benedict XVI will not take place, at least not anytime in the near future. Instead of peace, war will break out. First a small war will occur among the Arab nations (A.D. 2009). Then, a great war will begin between the Arab nations and the western nations (A.D. 2010).

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