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Wednesday, February 16

NHL Cancels the Season

Even though I realize that this is clearly not a site where we usually post stories that relate to sports but something this important to Canada deserves mention.

Today the National Hockey League made history in professional sport by being the first pro league to cancel an entire season without ever playing one game. The NHL cancelled the season this year because the league was bleeding from all financial orfices. The financial status of Canadian teams is dire and it was time to fix the system.

People have to understand that a revenue linked system is a much more equitable economic structure for the fans. If the NHL product is not worth the money, the fans will not pay the ticket prices and the players will be paid accordingly on the basis of ticket revenue.

In addition, the final offer that was proposed by the NHL was based upon current revenues whereby even if a deal was signed today ticket prices would not drop in the long run as the owners would be forced to maximize their revenue. Even the latest offer, the NHL would have lost money, but they felt they should put forth an offer to save the season.

This is a huge loss for the NHLPA. From here on in, the Owners have the ball in their court and while this may seem like a lost cause ( the NHL in general) this was a huge victory for small market franchises around the league, especially in Canada. The leauge will survive, fans will come back (over time) and the game will become more competitive. If the owners implement a fair and equitable system the chances of regaining more teams in Canada are far better now than they would have even if they accepted the 42.5 million dollar salary cap.

As much as I hate the fact that I wont be able to watch the Vancouver Canucks in the playoffs again this year I am happy that franchises like Calgary, Edmonton, and Montreal, Ottawa, will be able to flourish under a new system. Perhaps one of the Canadian teams will finally have a chance at winning the Cup and bringing it back to the heartland of Hockey.

And to the players, its hard to feel bad for you when you are making more than you ever should have playing hockey for a job; something most Canadians dream of doing. I think everyone knew this had to happen and I for one am glad to see the league restructure itself so it becomes a equitable system where perhaps the average fan will be able to afford to go to.


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