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Thursday, February 3

Occult Theocracy

MAYBE QUARTERLY - Vol 1 / Issue 1 - Occult Theocracy
If, in conclusion, Finance is power and as such is concentrated in one point, it is the arbiter of War and Peace, Life and Death, Welfare and Wretchedness, Prosperity and Ruin. Everything and, it is sad to say, almost everybody, has a price and can be bought though not always with money. Men who today wield financial power have long since based their system of purchase on this axiom. Far be it from us to suggest that there are no idealists in every walk of life for whom the pursuit of either patriotism, religious mysticism, or philanthropy is unadulterated. On the contrary, we shall go as far as to say that such people become the best tools in the hands of the plotters by whom they are led to believe that disinterested material help will be given them for the attainment of their ideals or aims. The study of secret revolutionary societies will show many examples of remarkable cases of self sacrifice on the part of the genuine idealists. Subversives of either religious, social, and political order have ever known how to make use of such people by instilling into them the super religion of the secret. It is against this ‘secret’ that the fight should be waged. If the aims of secret societies are good, one fails to see the need for their secret oaths and initiations. The ‘light’ they promise, should, like the sun, shine upon everyone.

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