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Monday, February 28

Ph.D in Conspiracy Theory

Makow - Confessions Of A Crackpot Solip-schism

"This man is a lunatic. He seems to be highly anti-feminist, anti-women, anti-Jewish and anti-sex...a pitiable case of self-hatred. When intellectual people go off the rails, it's truly a majestic sight."

Some of my detractors were members of the burgeoning subculture whose genitals define their lives. One, "Vixxie" describes herself as a "bisexual" who lives with both a husband and a female lover. http://www.vixxie.com/blog

Henry Makow has recently felt the heft of Big Sister's jackboot smashing down on his face. Appearantly, someone who claims to be tolerant of others labelled him as a kook, a loony. Many of Makow's writings are controversial and diffcult to take - so much so that people at InJesus have in the past censored his stuff. I put Mr. Makow up there with Lenny Bloom, John Kaminski and Xymphora - they all say things that we don't want to hear, and such is the true vein of a Prophet. When did Elijah, Jeremiah or any of the Prophets of Old ever say anything that legitimized the corrupt power structures of their day? I am in no way setting these people on equal footing with some Bible figures. What I see in them are the characteristics of Prophets - people who rub soceity's nose in their own detrius, who point out the hypocrisy or expose the underbelly of the hidden hand.

Vixxie found it strange that a man with a Ph.D degree would seem to have "gone off the rails". Henry is not crazy. Lenny Bloom from Cloak & Dagger says that Makow has it better than almost anyone. Makow has a Ph.D. in Global Elite Studies, as far as I am concerned. If you had only a Calculus 101 background and you walked into a Ph.D seminar on graph theory, you would think the people in that room are crazy too.

Therefore, The Tyranny Response Unit, if it had the ability, would grant Honorary Doctorates of Global Elite Underbelly Studies to the following people for their contribution to the understanding of what is TRULY going on:

Lenny Bloom
Sherman Skolnick
Henry Makow
J Orlin Grabbe
John Kaminski
Robert O'Driscoll (deceased)
Todd Brendan Fahey
Tony Gosling
David Hawkins
Jeff Wells

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