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Sunday, February 27

Reaction of HST's wife strange to you?

HOG ON ICE: Want to Vomit?

About the impromptu gathering with the sagging corpse: "It was very loving. It was not a panic, or ugly, or freaky." No, of course not. What's freaky about having a drink with your dead husband as brains ooze down his back? I guess that if there's anything more ignominious than scrambling your own brain because you wasted your life and you can't write any more, it's having your dead body used by your own wife and son, as a grisly prop in a pretentious "counterculture" celebration. What's next? A long-pig barbecue?

Check this out:

"He did not destroy his face," Anita Thompson says. "He did it in his mouth. His face was beautiful. It was quick. It was not grisly or gruesome by any means. That's probably why he took that gun. He spared us a gruesome scene."

In other words, the back of his cranium was gone and his brain was sprayed all over the area behind him, but it was okay, because his eyes didn't pop and run down his face. Is this how you want your wife to react when you signal your utter hopelessness and desperation by murdering yourself in your kitchen? I'd want my wife to be heartsick at the realization that I had been that miserable. But then I'm a square.

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