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Monday, February 14

South African, UK Psychics Predict Major Natural Disaster in USA

I guess we'll find out for certain if these psycics are on the money. As usual, it's a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Date setting is one of the worst things you can do, unless you are registered in the deadpool. You might want to bet the life of every Microsoft employee in the Deadpool, save for Bill Gates, who likely has a nice jungle hideaway scoped out.

South African, UK Psychics Predict Major Natural Disaster in USA
South Africa

A group of psychics based in Johannesburg South Africa, have predicted that a series of earthquakes and other natural disasters will strike the western coast of the United States on or around the 23rd of February 2005.

As at the 11th of February 2005, they successfully predicted a significant event, a 5.5 magnitude earthquake in south eastern Alaska, as being a first step in a series of smaller events leading up to the big bang. The next step of the prediction is set to occur at some time on or around the 13th and 15th of the month.

The prediction is based on many hours of research by these students of the psychic arts.A Website, which was launched to provide information relating to the predicted disaster. This Website is updated daily with new information as and when it becomes available, and can be found by pointing your Internet browser to:


In addition to the earthquakes, It is believed that Mount St. Helen will erupt as well, covering parts of Washington State with ash and volcanic debris.

The purpose of the site is two-fold: First, to allow those interested to have access to updated photos and seismic records of events as they unfold.

Second, to serve as a 'heads up' to the residents of California and the surrounding states.

Current seismic recordings, available at the site, show that there is significant activity beneath the Earth's crust and this may very well manifest itself as the events predicted.

All signs point to this event taking place in two weeks time and is likely to result in casualties greater than the recent Asian Tsunami disaster.

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