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Tuesday, February 15

TRUNews Exposes a Hoax

http://www.mediavillage.net is claiming that the follwing photo is an Unidentified Flying Object. Well, we have identified it. Clearly it was a doctored photo by a internet user trying to make false claims. Following is the photo that was 'taken' of the 'UFO'.

">Click here to view the photo

Dear Mediavillage.net;

First of all, if this were a time lapse photo of a passenger airplane, basic phyisics would suggest that the tail-fin on a 737 would be staggered near the rear for the first snap shot instead of the front snapshpot; and , however, since the firstpart of the image shows the tails is inversly positioned then it proves that the aformentioned explanation ( that it is a commerical aircraf) is wrong.

Then, one would guess..what possibly could it be?

Well, I can tell you one thing, its not a UFO...it is a HOAX! Any advanced adobe photoshop techncian/user can tell that this photo is a fake.

Firstly, if you zoom in on the pixels of the image, you will notice that the parts showing the 'UFO' are of a lower resolution that the immediate colors beside the 'paste.'

You can prove this to yourself without a microsope/zoom. Look at the "UFO". Look at the three lights above the UFO, and compare that to the quality of the image right beside it; you can see the differences of resolution. Use the inverse tool (in Adobe Photoshop) and increase the contrast within Photoshop and you can begin to see the lines where this image was 'pasted' onto the layer.

As much as you may want to say that this is a UFO, its clearly a image that was doctored by someone who is a quality photoshop user.

On a side note, when writing a blog/website, try to attempt to be credible; don't automatically assume everything is true. If anyone wants proof via photoshop images that I have made, feel free to email me and I will send them to you.

Tyranny Response Unit

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