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Tuesday, February 22

The Tyee: The Blogosphere New World Disorder

The Tyee: The Blogosphere New World Disorder

The soft glow of laptop and handheld screens in the lecture hall made it clear to me that this was a gathering of the early adopters. I felt a moment of technological inferiority, clutching my steno pad and cassette recorder.

As the speakers gave their presentations, accompanied by giant projected images, you could see people in the audience typing notes, snapping pictures with digital cameras and cameraphones, recording digital audio, blogging about the blogging conference.

On Saturday, all of this went through the free public wireless network that blanketed UBC’s Robson Square campus and out into the blogosphere. Even as the Northern Voice conference continued, speakers displayed blog posts and Flickr postings about the conference on the projection screens.

Though it isn’t the most elegant of words, “blogosphere” is a necessary and useful term. An individual blog is just like someone’s personal diary or fan newsletter, or an updated list of a magazine’s articles. However, assemble an exponentially growing number of them, and use software tools to search and study them, and you get something with a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

When that whole is fully realized, the blogosphere will be useful in ways we can only imagine.

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