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Monday, February 14

US - Canada Border Talks "Disturbing"


This is it folks. The MexiCanAmerican Union is being negotiated. One passport, one curreny, one economic unit. It's like an economic three-way that unites cheap labor in Mexico, resources in Canada and gratuitous consumption in the USA. The Americans are looking for some easy access to resources for production inputs, as the Chinese are check-mating them all over the globe. The benefits of adopting the US currency include the US trade deficit, debt and the delusion that it can be paid off. The US is running into the ground and this is a response to an internal crisis.

Toronto Star:

OTTAWA—An influential tri-national panel has considered a raft of bold proposals for an integrated North America, including a continental customs union, single passport and contiguous security perimeter.According to a confidential internal summary from the first of three meetings of the Task Force on the Future of North America, discussions also broached the possibility of lifting trade exemptions on cultural goods and Canadian water exports.Those last two suggestions were dismissed in subsequent deliberations, say members of the task force, an advisory group of academics, trade experts, former politicians and diplomats from Canada, the United States and Mexico sponsored by the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations. Members said the task force's final report this spring will focus on "achievable" rather than simply academic questions like that of a single North American currency.

Council of Canadians:

The Canadian members of this task force, other than John Manley and Tom
D'Aquino, are:

Thomas Axworthy (Queen's University and former P.E. Trudeau's Chief of

James Dinning (Exec. VP of TransAlta (Energy Firm) and former Alberta
Finance Minister);

David Mann (President and CEO of Emera Inc. (Energy Firm))
Pierre-Marc Johnson (Heenan Blaikie Law Firm and former Quebec Premier)

Michael Wilson (UBS Global Asset Management Co. and former Canada
Finance Minister).

We have included the confidential summary in a pdf format as well as the
press release written today by the Council of Canadians.

Also, the Council of Canadians hosts a listserv dedicated to discussions
around deeper economic and political integration to the U.S. as well as
general Canada-U.S. Relations issues. To join it, simply go to
http://list.web.net/lists/listinfo/deepintegration and fill out the short
form. The same website can be used if you wish to unsubscribe.

OTTAWA – A confidential document from the Task Force on the Future of North America confirms the Council of Canadians’ worst fears: Canada’s business elite are planning to push the country toward deeper integration with the United States, including abandoning protections for culture and fresh water.

Among the “contentious” issues discussed in the document are:

Eliminating current NAFTA exemptions for culture and certain sectors of agriculture.

Crafting a North American 'resource pact' that would allow for greater intra-regional trade and investment in certain non-renewable natural resources, such as oil, gas, and fresh water."

Creating an integrated North American electrical grid that combines freer trade and investment with "some form of joint oversight and regulation."

The document also calls for:

A "North American brand name" - one suggestion is to portray North America as a sort of "club of privileged members." The North American identity is also to be reinforced through the education system.

A "North American security perimeter," extending from "Mexico's southern frontier to the Arctic Ocean, incorporating air, land and sea boundaries."

Common exclusion lists for people from third countries."

A "North American passport."

Trilateralized customs and immigration" procedures.

A "one inspection, one test and one certification procedure" for North America.

Increased consultation on monetary policy, with the understanding that some form of North American currency union could become feasible in the future."

“It’s clear that what this task force has in mind is a North American common market with common security policies, common immigration and refugee systems, a harmonized border system so that we will not be able to have independent health and safety standards and a common resource policy that includes trade in Canada' s water at a future time when we have been softened up to accept it,“ says Barlow.

The task force has also met in New York and Monterrey, and is expected to release its recommendations in April 2005.

The Council of Canadians has just wrapped up cross-Canada hearings on Canada-U.S. relations. A final report from the hearings will be available in March 2005.

The confidential document is available on the Council of Canadians’ web site at http://www.canadians.org/.


For more information, contact: Laura Sewell, Media Officer: 613.233.4487 ext 234; 613.795.8685 (cell); lsewell@canadians.org; www.canadians.org

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