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Thursday, February 3

When Does a War Become a "World" War?

I was thinking today about WWII and some of its defining characteristics. What, exactly, makes a war a "world" war? How many powers need to be in on the action before we designate a war as one of the "world"?

If you think about it, in declaring his intent to spread the "fires of freedom" to all nations, George W. Bush has declared war on all non-democratic states. Democracy is usually better than other forms of government, but it is a big task to take on the undemocratic world.

Suppose Dubya invades Cuba or Venezuela to stick it to the Chinese, whith whom the US has been in indirect and economic war for 5 years now. The Chinese were involved in Yugoslavia because of Oil. That's why the Chinese Embassy was bombed in Yugoslavia. China runs the Panama and Suez canals and could put a chokehold on US trade with the snap of a finger. The Great Eagle has capitulated to the Red Dreagon simply by mortgaging its future to China. Goodbye America, you rocked, when you were on the good side of History. Such a great country getting run into the ground by a bunch of savages. A great country indeed, but no more.

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