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Monday, February 7

Why Martin Won't Discuss Chinese Human Rights

"Canada's economic links with China are entrenched in the formidable Quebec-based Power Corp. of Canada, a company to which both Mr. Chretien and Mr. Martin have strong ties.

Mr. Chretien's daughter, France, is married to Power's chief executive officer, Andre Desmarais. Mr. Chretien's first act as a private citizen was to visit China earlier this year, less than two months after stepping down as prime minister, with an entourage of Power executives.

Mr. Martin began his legendary business career at Power in the 1960s working for Maurice Strong, the company's president. Power's patriarch, Paul Desmarais, eventually gave Mr. Martin the presidency of its subsidiary, Canada Steamship Lines, which Mr. Martin purchased, making his fortune.

Four years ago, Canadian Steamship Lines International, a subsidiary of the Martin-owned CSL, entered into a deal with Shanghai-based Jiangnan Shipyard to build two bulk cargo vessels at $45 million per ship.

Mr. Martin must also take notice of the influential Canada China Business Council, a powerful organization that represents 232 corporations in their bid to boost business between the two countries.

Power Corp. was one of the council's founding members in the late 1970s, along with some of Canada's most powerful business entities.

These include: Bombardier Inc., Nortel Networks Corp., Sun Life Financial, Manulife Financial, BMO Bank of Montreal and Barrick Gold Corp. Mr. Strong, a Martin confidant, is listed as an "honorary director" of the council.

Several of the donors to Mr. Martin's leadership campaign are members of the Canada China Business Council, including Bombardier and Sun Life. Another key Martin donor and business council member is the law firm of McCarthy Tetrault, which contributed $149,000 in "in-kind" donations to Mr. Martin's leadership campaign.

Those in-kind services consisted of paying the salary of lawyer Tim Murphy, a key Martin leadership strategist, who is now the prime minister's chief of staff.

Bombardier and Power Corp. are partners in a massive project with China National Railway to deliver 300 inter-city rail cars to China. The two companies have invested $110 million to build a manufacturing plant, while Bombardier could earn $550 million if China opts for 200 additional cars."

All the power and the glory in Canada seem to be centered around the incestuous Eastern Establishment Power Corp. This cabal has been running the nation for 30 years, and plans on running it for another 30. Cocaine Steamship Lines likely wants to keep up its profitable drug shipments around the world, as Lenny Bloom and Sherman Skolnick have alleged:

"The two banks on Vanuatu, in turn, further laundered the bribery funds for Paul Martin, in concealed fake nominee, fake numbered accounts for him personally, and reportedly by and through his firm, Canada Steamship Lines and their subsidiaries. This done, by and through South Pacific Islands Bank, Ltd., of the Philippines.

The money was to be received later by Paul Martin, Canadian P.M., to influence financial and other power brokers, to strangle radio/tv shows in U.S. and Canada that severely criticize Queen Elizabeth II, the Bush White House, and Carlyle Group, such as "Cloak And Dagger" highest on such enemies list. White House and other Washington reporters that did not further the Big Lie of the war-mongers were to be made to sweat, and be pushed around, and threatened with less choice assignments.

Remember, just months after Lenny Bloom's show, Cloak & Dagger went off the air, a Cocaine Steamship Lines boat was discovered to have been shipping $13 million worth of cocaine aboard.


Police in Nova Scotia have discovered 83 kilograms of cocaine on a ship that is owned by Prime Minister Paul Martin's sons and named after Martin's wife.

Cape Breton police discovered the drugs bolted to the outside of the Sheila Anne -- a registered Canadian Steam Lines vessel -- during a routine ship examination early Wednesday. Martin transferred ownership of the shipping lines to his three sons last year.

The Sheila Anne had sailed to Sydney from Venezuela. At the time of the search, the ship was carrying a cargo of coal bound for Florida.

The cocaine was found inside an underwater grate at the bottom of the ship, said Martine Malka, a spokeswoman for Canada Steamship Lines."

As Makow has suggested:

"The media stated that smugglers had secreted their stash without the company's knowledge. Would this excuse work if it were found on your car?"

Interestingly, a google search on "Paul Martin" cocaine turns up 11,100 hits.

Is it any coincidence, then, that McCarthy Tetrault is REPRESENTING NORANDA in the China Minmetals Merger?

Sandra Rubin, National Post

"Besides, it’s not like Torys is missing out on the action involving Noranda and Minmetals. Noranda is 42% owned by Canadian conglomerate Brascan Corp. In fact, the sale of Noranda was prompted by Brascan’s decision to shed resource investments so it can focus on what it sees as its core businesses, power generation and real estate. Torys is representing Brascan in the Noranda-Minmetals talks.

For the record, McCarthy Tétrault is representing Noranda."

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