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Thursday, February 10

Will Alberta's Supernet Lead To More Rural Progressives?

See The Connection?


The Alberta Supernet is the Alberta government's plan to bring broadband internet to every small town in the province by 2005. As more and more of these small communities get hooked into the new media, how will their politics change? Most tend to be quite conservative, but judging by the above map in the US, there may be a correlation between the "new" media and progressivism.

Ah, but correlation does not imply causation. In the US, the conservatives are just as adept - if not more adept at using the new media to get their message out as any other party. Bush and Kerry both had policies to extend broadband coverage, but differed only in how they were planning on funding it.

Broadband implementation into rural communities could actually increase rural conservative support as the threat of something new shakes up their culture and worldview. See: Grassroots activist Richard A. Viguerie talks with Bill Moyers about the past and future of American conservatism.

Again, it's the problem-reaction-solution system at play. Bring broadband internet to small communities and watch the social fabric change as kids listen to new music, teens discover new politics, and spouses find new or old flames, and then we'll hear a huge groundswell from rural America and Alberta for government regulation over internet content.

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