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Thursday, March 31

Indonesian Supervolcano could erupt, scientists warn

Keep your eye on the Toba Caldera. It could blow up and plunge us into "Three Days of Darkness".

AS if earthquake-ravaged Indonesia doesn't have enough to worry about, now scientists warn that a Sumatran super-volcano might blow its top at any time.

If it does, the blast will toss hundreds of thousands of cubic kilometres of rock and ash into the atmosphere, dwarfing the eruptions of Krakatoa, Mount St Helens, Pinatubo and any conventional volcanic explosion of the past tens of thousands of years.

"These super-volcanoes are potentially the greatest hazard on Earth, the only greater threat being an asteroid impact from space," said Ray Cas, a vulcanologist with Monash University in Melbourne.

Professor Cas said a "major tectonic event" could be enough to trigger a deadly super-volcanic eruption.

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Three Days of Darkness

With the Pope nearing closer to his deathbed by the hour, it might be a good idea to bone up on one's knowledge of the "Three Days of Darkness".

NOT A SINGLE DEMON WILL BE LEFT IN HELL. Hell will be emptied and EVERY evil spirit will be released to roam over the earth and do all possible harm to souls. The evil ones will appear in the most frightening forms and will fill the air with pestilence and poisonous gases, there will be "TERRIFYING APPARITIONS." Many will die from fear and despair, the wicked people will behold the Divine Heart of Our Lord.

Padre Pio's message

Sounds a lot like the eruption of Krakatoa.

In the red states, no-one can hear you scream

Small-town meanness and technological illiteracy have come together in Ohio, where Butler County Commissioner Michael Fox believes that GPS "microchips" should be implanted in former convicts on parole and probation, so that they can be monitored remotely, and denied opportunities for rehabilitation more effectively.

"People have these GPS chips put in their pets and - in some cases - in their children, in the event they are lost or kidnapped," local newspaper the Journal News quotes Fox as saying. "I don't see why the same can't be done with probationees."

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Anti-NWO sites temporarily knocked offline

Anti-NWO sites temporarily knocked offline


Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Thursday, 31 March 2005, 9:59 p.m.

As many of you noticed this morning, RMN was knocked off the internet. It had nothing to do with the RMN server, it was something that took place in Dallas. Many web pages were also knocked off.

Alex Jones' Prison Planet was gone, so was Surfing the Apocalypse and Bring em On.

I believe the powers that be were telling all of us that they can knock us down and shut us up anytime they want to.

Tomorrow the border war at Tombstone may break wide open. The Minutemen will set up and start monitoring the illegals that are coming across the border.

The Mara Salvatruchas gang – also known as MS-13 – whose members have been known to behead victims and attack with grenades and machetes will be there too.

And across the border will be 6,000 Mexican soldiers wanting to get into a firefight with the Minutemen. Thank God most of these Minutemen have had training in Special Ops.

RMN has been acting really strange lately... it's been so slow it's hard to read or even post our articles. It seems we are being monitored or attacked, This morning we were off line.

If it happens tomorrow, I will keep you posted through the Yahoogroups. Make sure you join one of them. As long as yahoo is up and running I and my agents will be able to communicate with you.

Save these urls and email addresses:

Rayelan's private group.

I am the only one who send emails to this group, but I think that I will now open it up to all RMNews Agents... but Agents only.


Here is how you subscribe to this group. Emails will be sent to you.

Subscribe: Rayelan-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Here is how Agents send messages:

Post message: Rayelan@yahoogroups.com

Here is the RMN Yahoogroup where everyone can post:


Here is how you join... If you join, your emails will go through without moderation. If you don't join, your emails are moderated.

Subscribe: RUMORMILLNEWS-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Here is the link you use to post:

Post message: RUMORMILLNEWS@yahoogroups.com

Before the Internet we organized via fax trees. Maybe it is time to re-create the fax trees.


Muslim Scholar: US will cease to exist in 2007

"The tsunami waves are a minor rehearsal in comparison with what awaits the US in 2007," the researcher concluded in his study. "The Holy Koran warns against the Omnipotent Allah's force. A great sin will cause a huge flood in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans."

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Amber Pedophile Alert in Capitol

Thanks to THIS astute analysis of Jeff Wells, we came across an article by Tom Flocco entitled: Amber alert on Capitol Hill.

An Excerpt:

Recently arrested photographer Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson--who according to U.S. District court testimony [2-5-1999] was impersonated by another photographer at Capitol Hill child sex parties during the Reagan and Bush presidencies, told us last week that in 1988 he refused Hunter Thompson’s offer of $100,000 to film a graphic child sex "snuff movie to be sold to wealthy private clients where a young boy would be murdered as a sacrifice."

"I’ve been homeless, in hiding and staying under the radar screen ever since," said Nelson.

In response, Wells states:

"Flocco really jarred my memory with his mention of the name Delmart Vreeland. I've long suspected that Vreeland had been a part of a Franklin-like sex ring as a boy. Now, with Flocco's reminder that it was on a child prostitution charge that Vreeland was arrested last November, things start to make a weird sense. Which is the only sense things make, now."

Trunews wishes to jog your memory. Also, thanks to Wells, we came across THIS article a while ago:

Protester cuffed after porn tirade

A woman was arrested for disruption of Congress on Tuesday afternoon after she stood up in the Senate visitors gallery and began shouting wildly about child pornography during debate over the bankruptcy bill.

At a few minutes before 5 p.m., when Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) were debating an amendment, the woman rose and shouted, “You don’t know who’s a pedophile,” according to a Democratic staffer whose office abuts the chamber.

“You don’t know who has a child pornography site,” she continued. As police were removing her from the chamber, she began shouting names. “George Bush, John Kerry, McCain from Arizona — those are the sites you should check.”

Americans should be echoing in concert, a resounding "WTF?!?!" over this one.

Husband Has His Way: Schiavo Dies


PINELLAS PARK, Fla. - Terri Schiavo, the severely brain-damaged woman whose 15 years connected to a feeding tube sparked an epic legal battle that went all the way to the White House and Congress, died today, 13 days after the tube was removed. She was 41.
Schiavo died at the Pinellas Park hospice where she lay for years while her husband and her parents fought over her fate in the nation’s most bitter — and most heavily litigated — right-to-die dispute.

The feud between the parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, and their son-in-law continued even after her death: Brother Paul O’Donnell, an adviser to the Schindlers, said they and their two other children “were denied access at the moment of her death. They’ve been requesting, as you know, for the last hour to try to be in there and they were denied access by Michael Schiavo. They are in there now, praying at her bedside.’’


Bishop faces human rights investigation


From Thursday's Globe and Mail

Calgary's Roman Catholic Bishop, Fred Henry, faces an investigation by the Alberta Human Rights Commission for having advocated in a letter to his flock that the state "use its coercive power" to proscribe homosexuality in society's interests.

The bishop subsequently acknowledged that if he were to rewrite his letter he would omit the reference to coercive power. But when he met reporters yesterday, he forthrightly declared he was entitled to say what he said under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms' protections of freedom of speech and religion.

"If the Human Rights Commission is successful, it will prevent me from expressing my views and the position of the Roman Catholic Church," he said in a statement faxed to The Globe and Mail.

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Wednesday, March 30

Two-thirds of world's resources 'used up'

The human race is living beyond its means. A report backed by 1,360 scientists from 95 countries - some of them world leaders in their fields - today warns that the almost two-thirds of the natural machinery that supports life on Earth is being degraded by human pressure.
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Two-thirds of world's resources 'used up'

Letter to the Editor

April 02. **CORRECTION**

It appears that the reader who had some pointed words had intended those words for someone else.

... if I shit on the wrong head, I apologize. My expressions were intended to target the author of the video entitled "Military Wife drops HUGE SEX-BOMB". I'm a blog novice and didn't see any way to contact the author directly and, in my ignorance, selected the first avenue I saw. I may be guilty of assuming that you, as web host, agree with what is posted there. The "TRUnews" in the URL, although clearly an acronym, can legitimately be interpreted as having been chosen for the implication that the hosts believe the content on the site is "true". Any contention to the contrary would strike me as disingenous.

If you really want examples of the "specious . . ." variety from the video, we could get into it. I doubt it's worth spending time on for either of us, tho. I suspect we have irreconcilably opposing views on most of these issues, especially if I have to point out such examples from these particular videos.
Btw, where did you get from my rant that I disagreed with your right to say anything? I specifically made a point about free speech. I support it unconditionally. But I, too, have the right to express the opinion that it is being ill-used when I believe it is.

I could, in fact, tune out because I disagree. But the fact that the author is making money from peddling his conspiracy nonsense to the muddle-headed masses (yes, I know: pretty arrogant opinion) is galling. If my shitting on the purveyors slows them down even for a second from shitting on everyone else then I count my time well-spent. They are following the dictates of their consciences, I hope, in expressing their opinions. I disagree so viscerally with what they say that I am following mine expressing my disgust. Your site exists because you honestly believe people aren't getting accurate information. I objected to the video because I don't believe that it represents accurate information. The free market of ideas is working, but only people don't tune out. You didn't.

If you could tell me how to direct my objections to the intended target, I would be happy to share my opinions of his work with him.


The following letter arrived at Trunews from some one who did not read our subtitle: "Either you are with us or you are with the journalists". In the interests of "responsible reporting" we will publish it for our readers.

Tom, I think you failed to realize that we are bloggers reporting on mainstream and underground news. We at trunews have our right to free speech and will continue to do it.

We proudly report on topics that the mainstream media is afraid to report on. They have paychecks, after all, and we do this for free as a public service. We provide unfiltered content for those people who do think critically about the world around them and have an open mind for what's going on "behind the scenes" of the news facade.

We don't believe everything we read, and neither should you. Our presentations are mostly on mainstream news sources with the occaisional underground topic thrown in. We are different from mainstream news in that we do not assume our readership to be gullible. We despise the journalist's pretence to be the arbiter of truth and try to allow our readers to make their own conclusions.

Trunews is really just a representation of our web-browsing. When we find something we think is interesting and worth passing along, we blog it. The blog is a "stock" of two people's web-browsing habits. Others might have similar patterns but not enough time, so by visiting trunews our readers can get the headlines. This blog works best as an RSS feed or live bookmark in a Mozilla browser.

Trunews aims to provide "first-mover" advantage to its readers in giving information that at times is unsubstantiatied. The "first-mover" advantage in the blogospere can give readers a heads-up concerning what might be happening in the next few hours.

I cannot express how low my opinion is of you for promoting such bullshit. It is incomprehensible to me that you could actually believe the crap on your website. Can you not think critically at all? Are your standards for truth so low that you would believe this shit? Your presentations violate every principle of responsible reporting there is. They are specious, demagogic, ruled by innuendo and hearsay, devoid of fact, and ruled by half-truths. Fortunate for you that free speech is a protected right and that stupidity is not a crime. That the internet gives you the power to broadcast such lunatic ravings to a broad, gullible, audience is a high price to pay for such a wonderful tool, and would be comic if it weren't so harmful. What a bunch of idiots.


Tuesday, March 29

Latest trend: bug-chasing

From Rolling Stone:

For Carlos, bug chasing is mostly about the excitement of doing something that everyone else sees as crazy and wrong. Keeping this part of his life secret is part of the turn-on for Carlos, which is not his real name. That forbidden aspect makes HIV infection incredibly exciting for him, so much so that he now seeks out sex exclusively with HIV-positive men. "This is something that no one knows about me," Carlos says. "It's mine. It's my dirty little secret." He compares bug chasing to the thrill that you get by screwing your boyfriend in your parents' house, or having sex on your boss' desk. You're not supposed to do it, and that's exactly what makes it so much fun, he says, laughing.

Click Here to read the rest of the article

Mengele, Schiavo and the Todesengel

Isn't it weird how Terri's full name is Terri Schindler Schiavo? Schindler is German whereas Schiavo is Italian - "Skee-ah-voh" is how it should be pronounced. It's weird how the name Schindler is left out of the picture, except when in referene to her parents. Maybe that would associate her case with Mr. Schindler, who risked his life to actually _save_ the "useless eaters" from their doom.

This whole thing is extremely disheartening. Terri is not on "life support" nor is she in a coma. I don't understand how starving a person to death and hopping them up on morphine is any more humane than having Dr. Jack Kevorkian pay a visit. Funny thing is, that this is how many people will see it after she dies, which is the purpose of the dialectical "plan". Terri is Kevorkian's thesis. Kevorkian was the antithesis because people first reeled in shock when Kevorkian was "suiciding" humans who could actually make a choice. Now, Terri Schaivo makes Kevorkian look more humane by comparison. Kevorkian never starved anyone or let them waste away - he did it quick and painlessly. Speaking of a brave new world - didn't Huxley himself go out high on opiates?

I'm interested in what pastor Meyer of last trumpet ministries has to say about the school shooting on the reserve in Minnesota, because it happened in March 21, the equinox, the day of the occult spring feast and human sacrifice to Ishtar - Easter. The masses are being primed in occult rituals before their very eyes. The kid who did all the shooting called himself the "Angel of Death"

"Todesengel ("angel of death") began a thread titled "Native American Nationalist?" and introduced himself as "Jeff Weise, a Native American from the Red Lake 'Indian' reservation in Minnesota". Todesengel expressed interest in joining the party and said he had done a great deal of research on Hitler, a man he much admired. Later in the thread, Todesengel changed his tag to NativeNazi."

A little further north, in Canada:
"Mr.Ahenakew, a prominent member of Saskatchewan's aboriginal community and a former chief of the Assembly of First Nations, was charged last year after he told a reporter that Hitler was justified when he "fried" six million Jews. aboriginaltimes"
Where did this kid get the name "Angel of Death"? Does Josef Mengele ring any bells?
Mengele was always immaculately prepared for the long-drawn-out rituals of death, the hellish selections which the young SS doctor so regularly attended during his twenty-one months at Auschwitz.

Mengele was behind much of the horrors of Auschwitz, and even he, as evil as he was, showed a strange compassion to his victims. The coldness of Terri's handlers makes even this savage look good.
To complete the mind-programming arguement, let's not forget that Mengele was behind the research that led up to the MK-ULTRA program in the US. Mind-control experiments typically use trauma to create a dissociative state in the victim and alter their personality. I'm beginning to wonder if one of Terri's doctors is one of these scientists who is carrying out a trauma experiemts on a person who is not fully functional. No wonder they want to do an autopsy on her brain to assess the full damage. By researching the effects of starvation on what is left of an already-depleted mind, the doctors will be provided with info useful for prison-camp management tools in assessing how starvation affects "retarded" folks. If they decide that starvation doesn't really hurt these people, then we've arrived right back at the meaning of "useless eaters".

- The Tyranny Response Unit

Conflict of Interest in Schiavo case

George Felos is not just a lawyer for Michael Schiavo in the Terri Schiavo “right to die” case. He heads a religious organization that believes death by dehydration and starvation is a religious solution for the severely disabled. Felos knows this because he hears voices that tell him when someone wants to die this way and this is his gift as an agent of God.

Click Here to read the rest


Schiavo Case Tangled Web of Deception, Corruption

Reversal of magnetic field under way?

It is common for the Earth's magnetic field to flip about every 250,000 years. The last flip was 780,000 years ago so we are overdue.

There are signs that reversal might be under way now the Earth's magnetic field is about 10 percent weaker than when first measured in the 1800s.

CLICK HERE to read the rest

Monday, March 28

Small Tsunami hits AUS, warnings of more

from expressindia:

Sydney, March 29: An undersea earthquake off the Indonesian island of Nias could cause a tsunami as big as the killer wave of Dec. 26, Australian officials said on Tuesday, after recording a small wave off Australia's Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean.

AP: "No Tsunami - yet"

Small Tsunami hits AUS, warnings of more

from expressindia:

Sydney, March 29: An undersea earthquake off the Indonesian island of Nias could cause a tsunami as big as the killer wave of Dec. 26, Australian officials said on Tuesday, after recording a small wave off Australia's Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean.

AP: "No Tsunami - yet"

Military Wife drops HUGE SEX-BOMB

Via Libertythink.

Part ONE

Part TWO


Kate's Journey

At the very least, have a read. HERE

Vincente, Bush hire Mexican thugs to fight Minutemen

For more, see: Warren K's blog.

The Minutemen hav complained that even the ACLU is against them.

The MS-13 gang has established major smuggling operations in several areas along the U.S.-Mexico border and have transported hundreds of Central and South Americans -- including gang members -- into the United States in the past two years. The gang also is involved in drug and weapons smuggling.
Gang members in America have been tied to numerous killings, robberies, burglaries, carjackings, extortion, rapes and aggravated assaults. Authorities said that the gang has earned a reputation from the other street gangs as being particularly ruthless and that it will retaliate violently when challenged.
The MS-13 gang, with 20,000 members nationwide, has risen in recent months to such prominence that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security, has begun a nationwide crackdown on gang members in this country -- as part of a sweeping law-enforcement initiative known as Operation Community Shield.

CLICK HERE to read the rest

Follow the Money

More than U.S. money is at stake. The administration has harshly criticized the United Nations over hundreds of millions stolen from the Oil-for-Food Program under Saddam. But the successor to Oil-for-Food created under the occupation, called the Development Fund for Iraq, could involve billions of potentially misused dollars. On Jan. 30, the former CPA's own inspector general, Stuart Bowen, concluded that occupation authorities accounted poorly for $8.8 billion in these Iraqi funds. "The CPA did not implement adequate financial controls," Bowen said. U.S. officials argue that it was impossible, in a war environment, to have such controls. Yet now the Bush administration is either ignoring or stalling inquiries into the use of these Iraqi oil funds, according to reports by Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman, and others.

CLICK HERE to read the rest

Martin, Bush & Foxe in Waco Threesome

Calling the Shots in Crawford
North American Summit as Traveling Stage Show


If you get your news from the U.S. media, the trilateral meeting between the North American heads of state was mostly a feel-good session to smooth over ruffled feathers in relationships over the past years. Given the lack of content in the official declarations, you have to wonder why they even bothered at all.

But the real agenda was a little more complex. To understand what happened at the recent North American summit, you have to read between the lines of the chummy public pronouncements.
CLICK HERE to read the rest

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be chess players

"Robert James Fischer has an IQ reported to be 180, and it would be hard even for him to imagine a person undergoing a more thorough transformation. Once a Cold War icon, he is now a man who publicly exults over the attacks on the World Trade Center. The son of a Jewish mother, he now uses the term "dirty Jews" as though it were a statement of fact.

Once the suit-clad knight of U.S. chess, he is no longer even a member of the U.S. Chess Federation. They kicked him out. Not that he much cares about anything with a "U.S." in front of it.

He had scarcely heard the door slam behind him as he left his Japanese lockup Thursday when he said President Bush "should be hung."

CLICK HERE to read the rest

Terrorists claim responsibility for Texas refinery explosion

Via zaman.com

"An explosion at a British Petroleum (BP) petrochemical plant in the US state of Texas, killing 14 and injuring over 100, has been claimed by a fundamentalist group.

A manifesto broadcast on the Internet from the "Military Organization of the Middle East" stated that the recent attack was a new form of operation. The name of the organization was heard for the first time with another manifesto published on the Internet on Monday (March 21st), which claimed an attack with a bomb-loaded vehicle in the capital of Qatar, Doha, on March 19th. "

In related news, oil futures are falling and gold is down.

Sunday, March 27

Dollar begins another decline

Looks like we need another war to boost confidence in the Dollar's backing: the strength of the US Military.

The Death of the Dollar

By Jason Hommel
March 18, 2005


Ceasar was supposed to be a god. Julias Caesar was killed on the Ides of March. (March 15th)

Today, we don't make men gods. Instead society has made our financial system into a false god.

On March 15th, 2005, (the ides of March) we may have just witnessed the beginning of the death of our financial system as General Motors stock took a nosedive from $34/share down to $30. http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=GM&t=5d&l=on&z=m&q=l&c=

It does not seem like much (GM down just over 10% in one day), but as of March 17th, the stock is down to $28.35, and the market cap is down to $16 billion. (GM is down nearly 18% for the week.) It's the type of volatility that we usually only see in silver stocks!

What does this mean?

. . .

If the government can't sell bonds while running a deficit, then the government must simply be printing money to fund the deficit--and they are, as can be seen in the rate of growth of the money supply, M3! Therefore, inflation is raging, and interest rates must keep pace, which is why GM is doomed!

Interest rates must head up, as confidence in the U.S. dollar bond market will be shaken like a tree in a hurricane!

CLICK HERE to read the rest

Saturday, March 26

Brace for ALL-OUT WAR

Let's follow a thread, shall we?

Via Free Internet Press:

The U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is on the move in Atlantic Ocean and is possibly headed towards the Mediterranean Sea. The convergence of three carrier groups in the corridor of the Middle East will send very strong message to the Syrians and Iranians.

* President Bush's ratings have dropped to an all-time low. MORE

* When the numbers get low, President Bush pumps up the War Machine. MORE

*The USS Roosevelt has moved towards Syria and Iran. MORE

* Bush, Martin and Foxe recently got together at Waco, Texas to obliterate Canadian sovereignty. The symbolism of Waco should not be dismissed.

* You know what happened right after this meeting? Well, 1,600 Mexican military forces have moved North towards the border, supposedly to squash drug-smuggling.

But wait.

* Along the US-Mexican border, the Minutemen have been gathering to combat the influx of 11 million illegal immigrants.

* Both Vincente Foxe and President Bush agree that the Minutemen are "Vigilantes" and they will not be tolerated.

Via CNN:

"DOBBS: Another label being used. This one by the president referring to a volunteer group of American citizens who will be next month monitoring the southern border in Arizona, referring to them as President Vicente Fox has previously, as vigilantes. What is the White House thinking?

KING: Well, Lou, that is one remark that President Fox will go home happy with. He, of course, has been highly critical of those groups, citizen militias, citizen activist groups, who police the border and patrol the border with weapons sometimes because they say the Border Patrol is simply not doing its job.

Mr. Bush saying today that he wants rational enforcement of the laws, and he said, "That's why we have a Border Patrol." But the president clearly speaking out against these groups today, knowing he will face some political heat from them, especially in the border states.

The president saying he was the governor of this state of Texas, he knows those issues well. But that remark to be likely welcomed in Mexico, perhaps not welcomed in all parts of the United States, Lou, as you well know."

* Can you see the possibility here?

The masses have been completely pacified on pablumized coverage of Teri Schiavo. Bush's plan to intervene in her case backfired on him, and now something big is in the works. If these Minutemen start getting knocked off, the jig is up.

Brace for it.

Johnny Gosch was recruited into White House Sex Slave Ring


"He told her that he had been kidnapped and recruited into the White House Sex Scandal. He and the other boy refused her urgings to go together to the local police to tell their story because he told his mother that they would both be killed. Gosch told his mother that the boys (and girls) were all used as tools to sexually compromise national and world leaders and that they'd get branded so they could always be identified as to who they really are and that he (that many years later) was part of this INTERNATIONAL CHILD SEX SLAVE GROUP."

CLICK HERE to read the rest:

Friday, March 25

Response to the Des Moines Register, re: Gannon/Gosch

The Tyranny Response Unit received a query from a reporter at the Des Moines Register asking three basic questions about the Gannon-Guckert-Gosch theory.

1. When did we become aware of the story?

2. Why did we blog it?

3. Are we convinced that Gannon is Gosch?

Libertythink.com has chosen to publish their response, and so have we.

Our official response is as follows.

To the Des Moines Register:

We first came across the Gannon/Guckert theory last month through Jeff Wells, who, in turn, was later tipped off to the Gannon/Gosch idea vis-a-vis THIS thread at Democratic Underground.

It interests us because:

* The 1989 Child-sex-ring cover-up that was covered by the Washington Times indicates that the idea of a homosexual underground within the Republican camp is not new.

*We find it interesting that the name of the then-publisher of the Des Moines Register was a James Gannon, and this is possibly who Guckert/Gannon stole his pen-name from.

We chose to blog it because:

* It was in response to the market demand in the blogosphere. People were digging hard, and we offer a perspective not found in the mainstream media.

* The coincidence between the name of your former editor and the fake name of "Gannon" is certainly strange. Johnny Gosch may have been abducted and pulled into the MK-ULTRA program, where he may have adopted the Gannon "alter".

* There may be mind-control elements with Gannon, because if he really was pimping out gay hookers in the White House, anonymity is essential. It's possible, but not probable, as we have not found any evidence that Gannon was offering other services when he was in the White House. If he did, how would he ensure anonymity?

* The strange association of Hunter S. Thompson and Jeff Gannon is noteworthy. Gannon made a subtle reference to HST in his come-back column, which only served to fuel the speculation.

* Lenny Bloom and Sherman Skolnick have postulated that Hunter S. Thompson may have had insider knowledge of the Gannon affair and was possibly going to write on it. HST would have been all over this story if he were still alive.

*The name Hunter Thompson is cited in Paul Bonnacci's testimony in the Franklin-pedophile case. We don't think HST was a pedophile at all, but he may had knowledge of what was going on. TRUNews takes the stance that HST's death is suspicious.

*The photographer who was likely using Hunter's name (in Bonnacci's testimony) as a cover was arrested shortly after HST was "suicided".

* Noreen Gosch has neither confirmed or denied Gannon's identity, and this is telling. If Gannon really is Gosch, then he can bring down the Bush Administration. We are concerned for his safety and feel that most of the coverage has centered on the sexual hipocrisy of the whole affair, when it should focus on Gannon's possible clientel. We expect to see in the future a media blitzkrieg on Noreen Gosch that will discredit her.

Are we convinced?

We'd need some convincing proof that Gannon is Gosch, such as the word of Noreen Gosch. However, we fear that if she does so, Gannon will turn up "suicided". Gannon likely has inside info on the gay Republican underground, and is on the "good guy's" side. He is not the enemy that the blogosphere has made him out to be.

Good luck on the story and we hope that you uncover the details that could take Gannon-gate to the next level of intrigue.

- The Tyranny Response Unit

America's National Socialism

By Walter C. Uhler

Having enthusiastically embraced a grad school seminar on the "Origins of World War II," I've long since assumed that I understood the distinction between Italian "Fascism" and German "National Socialism." Unfortunately, having just read John Lukacs' provocative new book, Democracy and Populism: Fear and Hatred, it appears that my assumption was incorrect.

No, I'm not referring to my occasional exaggerated use of "Fascist" as an epithet, as in "Every free country is entitled to one Fascist TV network, talk show and newspaper. And, God help us, America already has Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the Washington Times." Such usage simply stoops to the level of those three fonts of right-wing propaganda.

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Thursday, March 24

CREEPY: Bush, Fox, Martin announce US-Canadian-Mexican partnership

This is just ABSOLUTELY CREEPY. Paul Martin is a DAMN NEOCON. First he backs out on the missile defence shield, and now he goes with this? Creepy. Just plain creepy.

[U.S. News] Washington, March 24 : The United States, Canada and Mexico have announced the setting up of a "security and prosperity partnership of North America." US President George W Bush, his Mexican counterpart Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin made the declaration at Waco, Texas, saying the security and prosperity of their nations was "mutually dependent and complementary" and explained the impetus for the new initiative.

The three leaders had previously convened at Crawford, Texas, for a trilateral meeting.

"In a rapidly changing world, we must develop new avenues of cooperation that will make our open societies safer and more secure, our businesses more competitive, and our economies more resilient," they said in their statement.

The leaders indicated that the North American partnership will work to achieve these ends and "is committed to reach the highest results to advance the security and well-being of our people." The three countries are already linked in a free trade agreement called NAFTA.

They will implement common border-security strategies, enhance infrastructure protection, implement a common approach to emergency response, besides implementing improvements to aviation and maritime security and enhancing intelligence partnerships.

To improve North American competitiveness, the three countries will pursue regulatory cooperation while maintaining high health and safety standards. They will also promote sectoral cooperation in energy, transportation, financial services and technology, the declaration said. PTI

Bush, Fox, Martin announce US-Canadian-Mexican partnership

Save the Black Bear: Take Viagra

In a more perfect world, we men might be willing to age gracefully and hang up – well, whatever it is we hang up, say, spurs – and retire from certain pleasures of the flesh. When that happens, though, men will be too distracted to care. We'll be busy watching pigs fly.

Until that day arrives, there will be a market for products that enhance "male performance" (presumably not in rugby). In Asia and Central America, among other places, this means resorting to traditional, animal-based remedies. Two tragedies can result. The first is personal: they may not work. The second is even, ahem, greater: threatened species are being hunted to extinction, with untold consequences for ecosystems and economies.

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Keep the Bushugees out of Canada

TORONTO (AP) - A U.S. Army paratrooper was denied political asylum Thursday, dealing a blow to Americans who are seeking refuge in Canada to avoid serving in an Iraq conflict that they argue would force them to commit atrocities against civilians.

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2/3 of Evangelicals Want Schiavo DEAD

More than two-thirds of people who describe themselves as evangelicals and conservatives disapprove of the intervention by Congress and President Bush (news - web sites) in the case of the Terri Schiavo, the brain-damaged woman at the center of a national debate.

Poll: Evangelicals Oppose Gov't on Schiavo

Court Blocks 9/11 Info

(CNN) -- The emergency phone calls made by people trapped inside the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, need not be released to the public, a New York court ruled Thursday.

The New York State Court of Appeals declined to grant the wish of September 11 families who joined in a lawsuit seeking release of all tapes and transcripts of calls made from inside the Twin Towers to 9-1-1 operators.

"We are not persuaded that such disclosure is required by the public interest," the judges said in their ruling.

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Wednesday, March 23

Odds are good: 6 Billion to 10,000

"Their agents of course are the banks, the investment houses, the hand picked Elite who run our countries and for the present time, hold onto the levers of power, including the military.

Ya, it could get really ugly. But remember what happened in the Ukraine. The army stood down and watched."

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Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones have been part of the landscape in Elberton, Georgia for a quarter of a century. Tourists flood to Elberton each year to see the 19-foot-tall granite monument, often posing for pictures standing beside it.

After 25 years, a Christian organization named The Resistance is calling for the monument’s immediate removal.

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Echo-idiot Children of the Corn

"Sure, I disagree with abortion, and think it's a waste of a human life. I think that the Boomers sort of screwed their social security by aborting x number of millions of my fellow echo generation. But geez, looking around these days, I'm beginning to see their logic in it. Maybe it wasn't such a big loss, if the echo-idiots are anything to go by."

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Tuesday, March 22

Who Weeps for Iraq?

"American youth sacrificed on the altar of war. For what and whose purpose? When Johnny comes marching home again, if he isn’t already maimed, he won’t be marching much longer when the ravages of depleted uranium works through his or her body."

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School Shooting by design?

Well, it should be obvious that this school shooting happened just in time to take media attention away from Terry Schiavo. Funny how that works, isn't it? There's more attention being paid at google news to Terry than to the school shooting, but it's funny how it works.

: "Using the handle 'Todesengel' - German for Angel of Death - the writer identified himself as Jeff Weise of the Red Lake Reservation. In April 2004, he referenced being accused of 'a threat on the school I attend,' though it says he was later cleared."

Monday, March 21

Columbine the Sequel - 10 Dead in Minnesota Shootout

It should come as no suprise that March 21 required some sort of mass sacrifice to distract the masses. Pastor Meyer should have something to say about this one.

From Cuttingedge.org:

"2. Spring Equinox -- 13 weeks -- Minor sabbath but does require human sacrifice

a. March 21-22 -- Goddess Ostara -- Note: Easter is the first Sunday after the first new moon after Ostara. March 21 is one of the Illuminati's Human Sacrifice Nights "

Via bourque.org comes the latest CBC headline: 10 dead in U.S. school shooting


"RED LAKE, MINN. - At least 22 people have been killed or injured after a gunman went on a shooting spree in northern Minnesota.

At least eight were shot and killed at Red Lake High School on Monday afternoon. Two others, a man and a woman, were found dead inside a home in the community."

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Info Inquest closes shop - Alex Jones blamed

I went to see what was going on over at Informationinquest.com, and this is what I got:

"Alex Jones Put Us Out of Business


May be back someday...maybe"

TERROR THREAT: from the sea?

Via the Northeast Intel Network comes this Newsweek article.

"The notion that Osama bin Laden's followers might turn to scuba diving is not a Tom Clancy fantasy. Three years ago Dutch authorities looking into a jihad recruiting ring in the town of Eindhoven learned that one of their suspects was keen on scuba diving."

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Harvard Prof: China can kick USA's Ass

"In recent weeks, China announced a 12.6% hike in defence spending, America’s CIA director, Porter Goss, testified about a worsening military balance in the Taiwan Strait and President George W Bush pleaded with Europeans not to lift their embargo on arms sales to China. Yet, Chinese leaders speak of China’s “peaceful rise” or, more recently, its “peaceful development.”

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Time to spy on the spies

Time to spy on the spies

Air India debacle reveals need for indepth look at national security and intelligence

By Licia Corbella

Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan is either not telling the truth or woefully misinformed when she insists CSIS is no longer committing the sins of its past.

It would be comforting to believe that CSIS -- the Canadian Security Intelligence Service -- has improved since it botched its investigation into the Air India bombing by destroying evidence.

But recent revelations -- as recent as two months ago -- about its handling of several cases involving suspected al-Qaida terrorists living in Canada would indicate that CSIS still routinely destroys vital evidence and has learned little in the past 20 years in this regard.

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Dubya's real legacy: Staggering, future-threatening debt

Dubya's real legacy: Staggering, future-threatening debt

President Bush frequently says he wants to solve big problems like Social Security's finances, not pass them on to future generations. It appears unavoidable, however, that Bush will leave a painful legacy of staggering government debt.

What was once expected to be a $5.6 trillion surplus over 10 years is now projected to be at least a $4 trillion deficit by 2015, if Bush's tax cuts are made permanent and his Social Security suggestions adopted.

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Kaminski: The corpse of American culture

The corpse of American culture
John Kaminski – March 20, 2005

My secret is herein revealed — I'm an old sportswriter who has been playing the same game for nigh on half a century.

In this Internet incarnation, my subject matter has changed considerably, though the general purpose of my writing really has not. It has always been my intention to get people to reflect on the folly of the their own behavior, and these are lessons that can always be drawn against any background.

My first bylined newspaper story hit the streets in 1957. It was about my grammar school baseball team. Not so ironic that this my latest effort should be partly about the same game, beloved baseball, which I once, in my eagerly optimistic youth, regarded as a ritual of cosmic significance.

Now, at a time when shuffleboard would probably be the more appropriate game for me, I realize that baseball may not be the Zen-like avenue of transcendence I once imagined it to be, but it nevertheless is an appropriate sociological barometer of this pathetic hoax that is American popular culture.

So I thought when I watched canonized slugger Mark McGwire testify recently before a Congressional panel investigating the use of steroid drugs in professional baseball. His voice crackled. Tears welled in the corners his eyes. It soon became obvious that here was a man who had reaped the highest adulation of the unwashed masses and now was about to commit the public suicide of his glorious reputation.

"Based on what my lawyer tells me, I cannot talk about my past history," McGwire told the puzzled committee. Rep. Charles Lewis asked for a clarification. "Does this mean you're taking the Fifth?" the Congressman asked. McGwire squirmed in his seat. His squeezed throat quested for air as he uncomfortably nodded his assent ... and watched his lifetime achievements evaporate in a puff of guilt-ridden smoke.

The refusal to answer meant the great slugger had cheated and couldn't talk about it. He had used chemical substances to improve his physical performance, which helped him break baseball's most hallowed record, the single season home run mark.

It was perhaps the most shattering moment in baseball history, equaled only by hit king Pete Rose's lifetime ban for gambling and the 1919 Black Sox scandal, after which eight players were banned for life for fixing the World Series.

But McGwire's case, devastating as it was to his own previously hallowed reputation, was even more ominous in the future revelations it foreshadowed — specifically, the implication of fellow slugger Barry Bonds in the same seamy and dishonest practice of boosting one's performance with drugs. And with the future of Bonds, a seven-time most valuable player and the dominant icon in the game today, soon expected to take a similar turn to the bleak, McGwire's silent self-destruction seemed to augur the impending destruction of America's national pastime itself.

Another nail in the coffin of a contrived and superficial culture.

In my mind, I tried to contemplate a comparative demoralization in the history of American culture, and all I could come up with was when U.S. troops had to bail out of Saigon by helicopter definitely with their tails between their legs.

Egotistical America had finally lost a war, and Americans didn't know what to make of it. It turned out we didn't learn our lesson.

Of course, comparing the relatively trivial issue of an ultimately meaningless form of entertainment to a major conflagration in which almost four million people lost their lives is a dubious example. But it's safe to say that a larger number of Americans care about baseball than care about the lives of innocent foreigners its Army arbitrarily snuffs out.

So in the sense of the debauched and misplaced American social focus, the two events actually are comparable.

But the collective American psyche is not likely learn the lesson in this new baseball tragedy, either.

That lesson would be that cheating and not competing fairly always catches up to the cheater, even if the scam undertaken seems undetectable at the outset of the attempt.

The comparison to the new fascist American government storming around the world and obliterating all who oppose is an obvious similarity. We all may only pray that this Pentagon adventurism comes to a similarly ignominious end.

But I wanted to linger a little longer on the entertainment level in an attempt to show how robotized and thoughtless America has become, because when you talk politics these days, most Americans just shut down and polarize along the border between compassionate consciousness and mindless dogma.

Toronto Sun columnist Eric Margolis used one of my favorite examples the other day to demonstrate the decline of American awareness (and intelligence and compassion) when he wrote about the ’60s movie “Seven Days in May,” which was based on a bestselling novel written around the time of the Cuban missile crisis and worldwide fears of a nuclear war.

In that black-and-white classic, Burt Lancaster plays the demonic General Scott, a right-wing lunatic who is frustrated by the humane agenda of a liberal president, played by Frederic March. Kirk Douglas plays the role of the hero, a subordinate of the demented general who alerts the well-meaning president about the coup that is about to take place, and the plot is foiled.

But the salient feature of the movie is Lancaster’s (the general’s) behavior. He is a classic Patriot, focused on enemies and without compassion or understanding. Even more astounding from the perspective of forty years later is that he sounds exactly like our current criminal president, George W. Bush.

In the early 1960s, Lancaster’s role was excoriated by both reviewers and audiences for its over-the-top portrayal of an obviously compulsive maniac. Yet today, President Bush’s virtually identical performance is depicted by today’s prostituted media as a legitimate leader with valid religious convictions.

I find this observation to be a perfect description of the difference between the conscious culture of the 1960s and the comatose culture of the first decade of the 21st century, as well as a confirmation of the trend in American movies that principled heroism is no longer a trait to be practiced.

Through its movies, America has descended into a sewer of viciousness.

Speculating on how this pathological and regrettable degeneration of American culture occurred leads inevitably to the question of who owns both the media and the educational processes that led to this diminution of consciousness, this decommissioning of traditional moral boundaries, this death of the American good guy.

Who owns the process that has destroyed the America we hoped to love, the America for whom we now feel only contempt, mistrust and fear? Do you care enough about the answer to find out, or are you OK with the idea that both your livelihood and your life are about to be destroyed? Let me know your answer at some later date, if you care enough to answer at all.

And let me sketch just one more example of the degeneration of American culture, this drug-induced deflation of a once-honest populace, this bogus, superficial patriotism that has been converted by insincere jingoism into a murderous, emotionalism fascism that now threatens to turn the whole planet into a radioactive cinder.

It’s the music. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s dead.

As popular culture of the Sixties mobilized to oppose the senseless war in Vietnam, numerous popular artists earned vast followings by standing up to the government’s sadistic slaughter of those who were called “gooks.”

Recently, I listened one of the many antiwar mantras that dominated the airwaves in about 1970. “Ohio,” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, was about the National Guard murders of four antiwar students at Kent State.

“Tin soldiers and Nixon coming.
We’re finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming.
Four dead in Ohio.

Gotta get down to it.
Soldiers are cutting us down.
Shoulda been done long ago.
What if you knew her
and found her dead on the ground?
How can you run when you know?”

When I listened to this shortly after September 11, 2001, it seemed pretty inconsequential compared to what had just happened? But at least the attempt was there, the attempt to inform the world that something was wrong.

What I want to know is this?

Where are the songs about the World Trade Center, the greatest crime in American history, in which our own government staged a fake terrorist attack and killed three thousand of our own citizens?

Not a peep on the radio. After three years, not even a single syllable.

Where are the songs about Fallujah that could rival Gil Scot-Heron’s great classic “Johannesburg,” a riveting lament about the black fight for freedom against the oppression in South Africa?

Fallujah. The place braindead American zombies gunned down old people and children to the smiles of their superiors, and American newspapers covered it up. Covered up the gas, covered up the napalm, the destruction of hospitals, the prevention of medical care, then covered up the soldiers going back in and destroying the evidence that they used gas and napalm, and God knows what else.

What I want to say is this?


And I’d like to address that question to every musician in America, in the world. I’d especially like to ask it of so-called legendary icons like Bruce Springsteen and Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan (you nihilistic twit!) and Eric Clapton (you simpering wimp!), Eminem (don’t fall for that Democratic crap) and Doctor Dre (abandon your mansion and step up now!).

The whole music scene, and all the retards who think they’re cool by following it, are nothing but robotic moral cowards who have abdicated their responsibility to the world. Who will have the courage to step forward, like all these brave folks in the 9/11 skeptics movement have done?

And when you try to escape into the pleasing triviality of sports, and confront the reality that baseball’s two greatest sluggers have both cheated to achieve their accomplishments, you should get some depressing inkling that the whole enterprise is a lie meant to distract you from the even more unpleasant fact that your government, through its controlled media apparatus, has stolen your life, fed you with falsehoods, and deliberately murdered your children with poisoned food, toxic drugs, and phony wars.

So I think it’s time you checked the scoreboard, and find out what the score really is.

America is dead, and the international bankers are getting ready to pick its carcass. Anybody still walking around is now a willing zombie waving that flag of mass murder and injustice, the Stars and Stripes.

But hey, it’s the perfect cloth to drape over your coffin, although no photographs will be allowed. And hey, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going round ... due to the condition of both the corpse and the culture, why, that sound is the out-of-control ticking of a Geiger counter, which may be the real song about Fallujah that nobody apparently has the guts to write.

John Kaminski
email: skylax@comcast.net

John Kaminski’s Internet essays can be seen on hundreds of websites around the world. They have been collected into two anthologies, the latest of which is titled “The Perfect Enemy,” about how the Zionist-controlled U.S. government created the terrorist group known as al-Qaeda. His booklet “The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn’t Believe the Official Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001” was written especially for those who cling to the government’s false explanation of the events of that tragic day. For more information go to www.johnkaminski.com/


Chalmers Johnson: the "REAL' Chinese threat

The real 'China threat'

By Chalmers Johnson

I recall 40 years ago, when I was a new professor working in the field of Chinese and Japanese international relations, that Edwin O Reischauer once commented, "The great payoff from our victory of 1945 was a permanently disarmed Japan." Born in Japan and a Japanese historian at Harvard, Reischauer served as US ambassador to Tokyo in the administrations of presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. Strange to say, since the end of the Cold War in 1991 and particularly under the administration of George W Bush, the United States has been doing everything in its power to encourage and even accelerate Japanese rearmament.

Such a development promotes hostility between China and Japan, the two superpowers of East Asia, sabotages possible peaceful solutions in those two problem areas, Taiwan and North Korea, left over from the Chinese and Korean civil wars, and lays the foundation for a possible future Sino-American conflict that the United States would almost surely lose. It is unclear whether the ideologues and war lovers of Washington understand what they are unleashing - a possible confrontation between the world's fastest-growing industrial economy, China, and the world's second-most-productive, albeit declining, economy, Japan; a confrontation that the United States would have caused and in which it might well be consumed.

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Canadian Protesters mark anniversary of Iraq war

Thousands of anti-war protesters gathered in cities around the world on Saturday to mark the second anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. In Montreal, about 4,000 antiwar protesters joined countless others across Canada. Demonstrators banged drums, chanted slogans and pumped signs in the air as they marched to the U.S. consulate.

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Internet Classic: Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People

This piece is an internet classic, outlining the terrible flaws in our current banking system, and how it enriches bankers and powers-that-be at the expense of common people like us. If you have never seen it, you are in for an eye opener! If you have read it before, read it again - it is well worth it. Although originally written in 1980, the article is especially timely today in light of the new bankruptcy law that has been passed by the Senate and will surely be passed by the Congress soon. Read it and think about the world that we live in! Opening yourself to new information is the first step in awakening to the truth about the road we are traveling."

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Sunday, March 20

Bush and Bald Men

From WarNet.ws comes some creepy pics of President Bush.

The Perfect Terrorist Plan To Level The Twin Towers Created In 1976

By Greg Szymanski
Exclusive to American Free Press

Our own U.S. Army devised a plan commissioned by Congress to bring down the WTC using commercial airliners and box cutters as weapons.

The laundry list of terrorist warnings handed to the Bush administration prior to 9/11 makes the President and others look like "bumbling idiots or a bunch of conniving criminals" responsible for the mass murders at the Twin Towers and in Afghanistan and Iraq.

These are the harsh words of Timothy McNiven, an outspoken critic of the President's handling of 9/11 and a 29-year U.S. Defense Department operative still under contract with the government.

He says not only did the Bush administration purposely ignore Al Q'aida in the months preceding the WTC attacks, but the situation is even more disturbing, considering his military unit way back in 1976 devised a mock terrorist attack of the Twin Towers exactly like what occurred on 9/11.
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Saturday, March 19

Warren K: Is anybody out there?

Expect big things from this blog. With the resurrection of Libertyspeech, we are back together with Warren K.

The advent of the internet has brought about a wonderful exchange of communication and a sharing of information with people from all over the world. The speed at which information is now shared around the world is instantaneous, as fast as you can type it and press send. However, is anyone really out there, does anyone care, does anyone listen?

We are living in some very interesting times and it appears at times to many, that these times are rapidly quickening or spinning entirely out of control. Rumors and myths have rapidly been uncovered by internet sleuths and increasingly become truths. When you actually find the mainstream media writing about articles that only a few years would seem outlandish, a person can actually read between the lines and see they are subtle warnings.

Just because you can't see fairies and elves, doesn't mean there aren't any. Right?

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Thursday, March 17

Homeland secretary: Release of terror report was a mistake

Oh now this, well this is just reassuring. Better drum up some paranoia to take the attention off other things.

"WASHINGTON — A truck driven by terrorists goes down the streets of five large cities over two weeks quietly spraying anthrax spores, ultimately exposing 328,000 people and killing 13,300 while costing the economy billions of dollars.

It's a chilling possibility, one of 15 doomsday scenarios that Homeland Security authorities developed at the request of President Bush to better focus funding and to help state and local officials plan for terrorism and natural disasters. "

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Canadian Blogger Strip-searched, Interrogated and BANNED from the USA?

Poor guy.

"At the end of the day, I realize the US has to protect their borders. To me, in doing so, there are reasonable limits. If you suspect someone is smuggling drugs, a strip and cavity search is probably appropriate. After all, you can verify whether they are or aren’t. But if you suspect someone of lying to you about their occupation, are you really going to find the answer anywhere on their person? I mean, REALLY?"

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Asian Supervolcano about to pop?

As agent Lenny Bloom says, "Keep your eye on the a-bomb inside that supervolcano". Now that the US is in Indonesia and has boosted military aid there, it would be a strange coincidence if the supervolcano went off. Lenny Bloom's explanation would fit.

A build-up of stress on faults in Sumatra following the Indonesian earthquake is likely to trigger another large quake and perhaps a tsunami.

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Bush-Hitler Original Documents

The Large-scale Money Laundering for the Nazis by President Bush's Grandfather and Maternal Great-Grandfather

Contains a cache of original documents related to the Hitler-Bush connection.

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Wednesday, March 16

US Military: 26 inmate deaths could mean murder

Washington, DC, Mar. 16 (UPI) -- U.S. military officials have increased the number of suspected homicides of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan to 26, the New York Times reports.

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Tuesday, March 15

Whitehouse Call Boys Video: 'Conspiracy of Silence'

"Conspiracy of Silence" by Britain's Yorkshire TV, was originally scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994 but was later pulled and never publicly aired. Discovery Channel was reimbursed hundreds of thousands of dollars for its production costs and all of the copies were purchased and destroyed. This copy was anonomously sent to Franklin Cover-Up author Frank Decamp a year after it was supposed to air. This un-edited video is damming evidence against the parties involved.

This video links the Franklin cover up sex ring to the Whitehouse call boy scandal of the 80s. Underage at the time, Paul Bonacci's late night Whitehouse visits (as reported in the Washington Times in June of 1989) were concluded by him being taken to sex parties where he was forced to perform sexual acts on high ranking officials of the government.

For those of you who want to listen to Troy Boners testimony (key victim in the scandal) you can find it on this video. As of last fall, Boner, the last key witness, was found dead in a hospital observation room, where he was being 'observed' over night, with blood pouring from his mouth. Its odd that the two key witnesses in this cover-up are either dead or in mental institutions. Its a stark reminder for every victim who was brutalized but this sick cult of elitests not to come foward with their story. But its also subtle proof that what they had to say must have been true otherwise they probably wouldn't be where they are today.

Click Here to Download (40 megabytes)

Monday, March 14

Disturbing: Whitehouse Pedophile Photographer Arrested 2 Days after HST Hit


Two days after Hunter S. Thompson either pulled the trigger or was "suicided" a man named Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson has gone into police custody.

Via Tom Flocco and Libertyspeech:

WASHINGTON -- March 13, 2005 -- TomFlocco.com -- Photographer Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson was recently arrested two days after journalist Hunter Thompson reportedly committed suicide four weeks ago on February 10, according to two phone interviews with attorney John DeCamp last week.

Nelson was allegedly employed by a former Republican Party activist to take pictures of current or retired U.S. House-Senate members and other prominent government officials engaging in sexual criminality by receiving or committing sodomy and other sex acts on children during the Reagan-Bush 41 administrations.

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Also posted at: FPI



Sunday, March 13

Police State: Man Shot 7 Times for Threatening Police

While Canada is still reeling from the recent murder of 4 of its famed Royal Canadian Mountain Police near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the scandal plagued Edmonton Police Service (EPS) is currently being questioned about its excessive use of force in shooting a man 7 times during a call to a domestic dispute.

Edmonton's trigger happy police service is so notorious for its regular misconduct that it was even mentioned in the latest US State Department annual report on human rights. The report noted that "During the year, police in Edmonton were accused of using excessive force when responding to minor infractions in the city's tourist district."

Last Friday, officers were called around 8:45 pm to an Edmonton apartment complex for a call regarding a man threatening his ex-wife and child. Several EPS officers were outside the apartment when the man confronted them outside and was holding a knife in a 'threatening' manner.

Officers yelled at the man and told him to put down his knife while the man 'threatened' to come at them. Although the man did not actually attack them, EPS officers drew their weapons and fired 7 shots at the man because the four officers felt an 'immediate threat to their lives' and 'had no other options available to them.'

Three years ago the EPS purchased 21 Taser guns after being pleased with their initial test results. At the time, EPS spokesman Dean Parthenis raved that 'these things are wonderful tools which make things safer for both our officers and the people they have to subdue...officers always prefer to defuse a volatile situation peacefully but if that can't be done, then Taser's give us a way of using force which does no damage.

Apparently a taser gun was not an option because the police officers were not trained to use the taser's in lethal situations. One would argue that the reason to use tasers is to avoid a lethal situation. Though, the EPS spokesmen dishonestly attempted to defend his organizations excessive use of force by claiming the taser guns are 'ineffective at close range.' This excuse explicitly contradict's the manufacturers claim that tasers are actually meant for close range and in some cases can be lethal if fired in too close of a range.

Some may link the officer's irrational use of force to the recent slaying of 4 R.C.M.P. officers from the Edmonton area, however, the trigger happy EPS will likely avoid the national media spotlight because of the recent outpouring of support for Police officers due to last weeks RCMP slayings.

Only local papers have picked up the story and it does not seem to be very important to news organizations across Canada. Perhaps this is due to the EPS's previous scandal when they stalked a news reporter at his house and at neighborhood pubs in hopes of attempting to find a reason to arrest him because of his regular criticism of the force in the Edmonton Sun news paper. Or perhaps because EPS's constant abuses of human rights is 'old news' and thus its not unexpected.

Either way, the Edmonton Police Force's acronym 'EPS' is gradually starting to resemble what Edmonton is beginning to feel like: Edmonton's Police State.


Stories on some EPS scandals:


Build Your Own Bluetooth Sniper Rifle

Watching the news these past few weeks, you would think that hackers have taken over our cellphones. From the Paris Hilton phone hack (which was not Bluetooth-based), to the unintentional release of Fred Durst's (from the band Limp Bizkit) sex video - Wireless security has been thrust into the limelight. The proliferation of Bluetooth devices has made wireless communications easy and the Bluetooth group wants you to believe that this technology is safe from hackers. However, the guys from Flexilis, a wireless think-tank based in Los Angeles, beg to differ and they have a big freakin gun to "voice" their opinions.

Slashdot | Build Your Own Bluetooth Sniper Rifle

FBI doubts another 9-11 attack will hit again

Secret FBI report doubts al-Qa'ida can stage 9/11-type strikes in US
By Raymond Whitaker and Nick Meo

13 March 2005

A secret FBI report has cast doubt on al-Qa'ida's ability to stage another "spectacular" attack in the US, three and a half years after the 9/11 suicide hijackings and a year after the Madrid bombings, the network's only other major strike in the West

Saturday, March 12

Report:Israel Preparing Military Strike on Iran

From www.timesonline.co.uk:

by: Uzi Mahnaimi

ISRAEL has drawn up secret plans for a combined air and ground attack on targets in Iran if diplomacy fails to halt the Iranian nuclear programme.

The inner cabinet of Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister, gave "initial authorisation" for an attack at a private meeting last month on his ranch in the Negev desert.

Israeli forces have used a mock-up of Iran's Natanz uranium enrichment plant in the desert to practise destroying it. Their tactics include raids by Israel's elite Shaldag (Kingfisher) commando unit and airstrikes by F-15 jets from 69 Squadron, using bunker-busting bombs to penetrate underground facilities.

The plans have been discussed with American officials who are said to have indicated provisionally that they would not stand in Israel's way if all international efforts to halt Iranian nuclear projects failed.

Tehran claims that its programme is designed for peaceful purposes but Israeli and American intelligence officials — who have met to share information in recent weeks — are convinced that it is intended to produce nuclear weapons.

The Israeli government responded cautiously yesterday to an announcement by Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, that America would support Britain, France and Germany in offering economic incentives for Tehran to abandon its programme.

In return, the European countries promised to back Washington in referring Iran to the United Nations security council if the latest round of talks fails to secure agreement.

Silvan Shalom, the Israeli foreign minister, said he believed that diplomacy was the only way to deal with the issue. But he warned: "The idea that this tyranny of Iran will hold a nuclear bomb is a nightmare, not only for us but for the whole world."

Dick Cheney, the American vice-president, emphasised on Friday that Iran would face "stronger action" if it failed to respond. But yesterday Iran rejected the initiative, which provides for entry to the World Trade Organisation and a supply of spare parts for airliners if it co-operates.

"No pressure, bribe or threat can make Iran give up its legitimate right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes," said an Iranian spokesman.

US officials warned last week that a military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities by Israeli or American forces had not been ruled out should the issue become deadlocked at the United Nations.

Related Story: Iran Dismisses Economic Offer From the U.S.

Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' is a Misleading Zionist Scam

Copyright Joe Vialls

In 1970 the Russians started drilling Kola SG-3, an exploration well which finally reached a staggering world record depth of 40,230 feet. Since then, Russian oil majors including Yukos have quietly drilled more than 310 successful super-deep oil wells, and put them into production. Last Year Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest single oil producer, and is now set to completely dominate global oil production and sales for the next century.

If the opening paragraph of this report started by claiming that completely unlimited crude oil reserves exist inside planet earth, readers might be tempted to regard the entire text as preposterous ghostwriting for a novelist like Frederick Forsyth. If the report then went on to claim that the Russians have exploited this stunning reality for nearly thirty years, right under the largely unwitting noses of western intelligence, readers could be excused for mistaking the author for a lunatic, or perhaps as a front for spy novelist John le Carré. The problem here is that unlimited oil reserves do exist inside planet earth, and the Russians long ago developed the advanced technology necessary to recover these unlimited oil reserves in an efficient and timely manner.

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Canada, U.S. to hold terror drill

Ottawa — A major counter-terrorism exercise will be on the agenda when the newly minted U.S. security czar visits Canada next week.

Michael Chertoff, the recently appointed Homeland Security secretary, will discuss plans for this spring's drill with Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan in Ottawa on Thursday.

The meeting, which comes little more than a month after Mr. Chertoff's swearing-in, signals the continuing importance of continental security to the two countries in the post Sept. 11 era.

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Blair's anti-terrorism law wins approval

London — Prime Minister Tony Blair won Parliament's support Friday for a new anti-terrorism law allowing the government to impose strict controls on 10 terror suspects — including an Islamic preacher accused of inspiring lead Sept. 11 hijacker Mohamed Atta — who have been granted bail.

The House of Lords approved new powers to order house arrest and impose curfews and electronic tagging without trial on terror suspects after the government made concessions to end a bitter parliamentary deadlock just three days before similar legislation expired.

The new law means the 10 suspects will remain free on bail but are subject to strict court restrictions on their activities and travels. The government has indicated it will not try to impose the toughest measure of house arrest.

The Prevention of Terrorism Bill, which also allows the government to ban terror suspects from meeting certain people or traveling and to restrict their access to the Internet or telephone, later received the formality of royal assent to become law.

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Thursday, March 10

Hunter S. Thompson Interview (audio)

From San Francisco Indymedia comes an interview with Hunter S. Thompson.


Vialls: Bush Ordered Attack on Sgrena and Calipari

"To round this point off nicely, I can predict with 100% confidence that the American Administration will never surrender the target vehicle inside Baghdad Airport to the Italian or any other forensic authority, because the automobile in question has already been torched and run over by a bulldozer several times, to remove even the slightest trace of forensic evidence: All this with the tacit consent of Italian Prime Minister and American Cheerleader Silvio Berlusconi. Case proved."
Bush Ordered Attack on Sgrena and Calipari

FBI Gunderson: Gannon IS Gosch

From Total Info at Libertythink, it appears that Gannon is the good guy - he might be getting back at his abusers.

"Gunderson said, "I think Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch, and I think he planned this to get even with them for screwing up his life from age 12 on." Gunderson suspects Gannon's planned book, as reported by the Russian press, "will be truthful and he will expose these people."

Wednesday, March 9

Britain's 9/11?

Guest Contributor: John Bayldon

When, some eight years ago I predicted that there would be an attack on New York by means of a kamikaze attack by passenger aeroplane, I was able to do so, because I surmised that the Zionist gang which dominate the White House and is lead by Wolfowitz, would engineer the attack as a casus belli with which to prosecute their aims.

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Google search for "Paul Martin", cocaine yields 19,900 results

A google search for "Paul Martin", cocaine yields 19,900 results.

Art Bell: shilling for the elites

From Rense.com comes an article about Art Bell, who recently hosted Ben Chertoff, author of the Popular Mechanics propaganda piece on 9-11. Of course, Jeff Rense has a vested interest in attracting listeners and subscribers to his show, but we won't mention that. Well, maybe we will.

Last weekend, Art Bell hit a new low.

His guest was author Ben Chertoff, who has written an article in Popular Mechanics Magazine. (Mr. Chertoff, interestingly enough, is the cousin of the newly apppointed head of Homeland Security) The article is a feeble attempt to prop up the government's version of the horrendous occurrences on September 11, 2001. The article is an attempt to quell the voices of the alternative media who have shown the official story to be filled with impossibilities, anomalies, lies, lies and damn lies.

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C0balt web forum back online

After a recent hiatus, the C0balt.com web forum has been revived as libertyspeech.com

TRUNews owes a lot to the old C0balt.com forum, because this is where it all began.

Man sets himself on fire outside Ont. legislature

TORONTO - A man set himself on fire during a standoff with police outside the Ontario legislature, as hundreds of farmers held a protest nearby.

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PIPES DOWN by Barry Chamish

Thanks to Barry Chamish for contributing this piece to TRUNews


PIPES DOWN by Barry Chamish

How do I know I'm getting to the heart of any matter? I just wait for the reaction of Daniel Pipes of the Council On Foreign Relations. Up till now he has employed two minor-leaguers, one from Israel, one from Switzerland, to conceal his very high-level campaign against my truth exposures. Now he has upped the stakes, bringing in far better known people from The Boston Globe and Philadelphia Jewish Exponent.

However, the strategy remains the same; search the net to find any site or group which publishes me; then disparage me and threaten them. This week the thugs met their match in Reuven Koret of www.israelinsider.com

Just look at the desperation of the Pipes gang and the steadfast heroism of Koret: Link.

My last three books have documented the CFR's plans for us and they ain't pretty.

They want us disarmed, back within 1948 borders and without half our capital. And they're doing all of that now, but our learned commentators just can't figure anything out.

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Yahoo! Image Search Results for george bush cheerleader

What a fruit.

Yahoo! Image Search Results for george bush cheerleader

Fresh evidence of CIA torture network

More evidence of those "torture jets".

Fresh evidence of CIA torture network - Global Terrorism - www.smh.com.au

Hizb Allah rally draws 1.5 million protestors

Hundreds of thousands of pro-Syrian demonstrators have gathered in Beirut to denounce what they see as Western interference in Lebanon.

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Blackmailers use Da Vinci Code to demand $49M

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - Extortionists in Australia used a 400-year-old code made famous in the best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code to communicate with a company they were trying to blackmail for nearly $49 million Cdn, a report says.

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Tuesday, March 8

Mt. St. Helens Photos

CVO Photo Archives - Mount St. Helens - 2005

China's influence seen as positive

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | China's influence seen positive

Bush Gave CIA Expansive Interrogation Power -Paper

Yahoo! News - Bush Gave CIA Expansive Interrogation Power -Paper

Mt. St. Helens Spews Ash

VANCOUVER, Wash. - The crater of Mount St. Helens spewed a large plume of steam and ash beginning at 5:25 p.m. PT on Tuesday, with the cloud reaching up to 36,000 feet in altitude, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

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AWGB - For the best coverage of this event, see KING5.

More Coverage:




Hunter S. Thompson Report Online

The real HST report, courtesy of The Smoking Gun

**COMMENT** - Why was Juan firing a shotgun when the cops arrived?

Perhaps to get their attention?

Well, it was to mark his father's death (page 2).

There was also another gun on the shelf near HST (page 3).

But why was the letter HST was writing dated for February 22nd, not February 20th, the day he died (page 6)?

The significance of the writer's last word was unclear yesterday. It could have been the beginning of a letter addressed to a lawyer (one of the American uses of the word counsellor, along with therapist or adviser), he may have been describing himself, or he might simply have wished to confound those looking for neat explanations for his suicide - an echo of Rosebud, the central character's last word in the film Citizen Kane.

Here's a story about one of HST's lawyers, Oscar Zeta Acosta (who was portrayed as Dr. Gonzo in Fear & Loathing) who went missing.

Monday, March 7

Teresa Heinz: Bush win suspicious

**COMMENT** What's suspicious is how much money was left over in Kerry's war chest at the end of his campaign.

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

Easy $20,000 if you have Gannon info

Washington Socialites: Reward: Jeff Gannon information

Guard video shows harsh war scenes

Check out this gruesome footage.

Guard video shows harsh war scenes

Tulsa blogger under attack from big media

"Why would a big ol' daily paper, with over 100,000 daily circulation, send a nastygram like this to someone who gets about 1,000 visits a day? And why now? Here's a little background, especially for you out-of-towners."

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Russian paper: Gannon has book deal

Homosexuals Control Bush White House - Russian Paper:

"With the assistance of a literary agent, Gannon has offered these most revealing and very private conversations, to a Russian publishing company's offices in Malaysia and it is confidentially stated that a very dynamic and revealing book will be produced in the coming future!

Gannon claims intimate connections with not only Mr. Bush himself but also with top leaders in the Republican party and most especially acting as a connection with the very powerful and controlling American Christian militant organizations. He claims that several very famous Christian leaders are also homosexual and that these work together with others in high political circles!"

Say no to Big Brother plan for Internet

This disturbing vision of the Internet is not fantasy. It is based on real policy proposals being considered by the Canadian government today.

Leading the way is the federal government's "lawful access" initiative. While the term lawful access sounds innocuous, the program, which dates back to 2002, represents law enforcement's desire to re-make Canada's networks to allow for lawful interception of private communications.

If lawful access becomes reality, Canada's telecommunications service providers (TSPs) will be required to refit their networks to allow for real-time interception of communications, to have the capability of simultaneously intercepting multiple transmissions, and to provide detailed subscriber information to law enforcement authorities without a court order within 72 hours.

TheStar.com - Say no to Big Brother plan for Internet

Sunday, March 6

US attack against Italian Journalist in Baghdad was deliberate

Published: 3/5/2005

ROME - The companion of freed Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena on Saturday leveled serious accusations at US troops who fired at her convoy as it was nearing Baghdad airport, saying the shooting had been deliberate.

"The Americans and Italians knew about (her) car coming," Pier Scolari said on leaving Rome's Celio military hospital where Sgrena is to undergo surgery following her return home.

"They were 700 meters (yards) from the airport, which means that they had passed all checkpoints."

The shooting late Friday was witnessed by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's office which was on the phone with one of the secret service agents, said Scolari. "Then the US military silenced the cellphones," he charged.

"Giuliana had information, and the US military did not want her to survive," he added.

CLICK HERE to read entire article

The Coming Crackdown on blogging (Cnet)

March 3, 2005, 4:00 AM PT
By Declan McCullagh
Staff Writer, CNET News.com

Bradley Smith says that the freewheeling days of political blogging and online punditry are over.

In just a few months, he warns, bloggers and news organizations could risk the wrath of the federal government if they improperly link to a campaign's Web site. Even forwarding a political candidate's press release to a mailing list, depending on the details, could be punished by fines.

Smith should know. He's one of the six commissioners at the Federal Election Commission, which is beginning the perilous process of extending a controversial 2002 campaign finance law to the Internet.

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Unprecedented 3000 earthquakes in 72 hours

**COMMENT** The quakes off the NW Coast of the US are not the only recent earthquakes - Quebec was recently hit hard also.

Via rense.com

This story has caught fire. Seismologist and Geologists are rushing in from all over the world to witness this event. At this time, the only press release is "Don't worry, the earthquakes are not large enough to create a tsunami."

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Saturday, March 5

Gannon beats up Bush

A hot tip arrives in at Wonkette.

1. Bush is gay
2. Jeff Gannon was his lover
3. Jeff Gannon beat him

Gannon could be suicided

**COMMENT** Has anyone thought that Gannon may be on the side of good? Well, turns out some people have. Gannon's the one person, save for Hunter S. Thompson, who would know about the hypo-Christian homosexual Republican underground. Gannon has his teeth firmly planted, not on a Republican, but on the pin of this powder-keg. He's penetrated so many Republicans that people are starting to think that Gannon might turn up "suicided".

It's a novel idea, but Gannon is an ASSET to all those who object to the US Empire and corruption in the highest echelons of power in D.C. Some are concerned that he may show up dead. "But that would only make this thing bigger. The media would blow it wide open" you say. Well, maybe they would go into full-shill mode and find someone to blame, and serve up some braised bloggers. Maybe it's time we viewed Gannon as the best asset in our fight to get this thing aired out before he too is mysteriously "suicided" like HST was.

A Gannon "suicide" would give Ann Coulter et. al. the ultimate cannon-fodder to shut the so-called liberal "new media" right the hell up. In some sort of precedent, an entire group of people on the internet could be held liable for this man's death. Not legally, of course, but in the court of public lynch-mob opinion.

If Gannon turns up dead, the Freepers, Foxes and Feds will crush the blogs.

Don't discount it, because the FEC wants to shut the blogs up. Gannon's suicide would do just the trick, because it would place liability on the blogs and bring forward more calls for regulations over the free market of ideas. Fear for this man's safety and focus on his clients, not the hooker in the White House. If this guy turns up dead, you can kiss Americablog and the Daily Kos goodbye.

**Especially if they are listed in a planted suicide note.**

Gannon's insider knowledge of the Gay Old Party is what keeps him alive, plus the fact that the new media are all over him. But be careful. If he turns up dead, or makes his exit from all this under the guise of a "suicide" and goes underground, the fallout will be tremendous. The lynch mob will come full circle and will want to see some heads roll. Just think about it, folks.

Keep digging, and keep Gannon alive.


I really fear for Gannon's safety. Here is why:

Wackos at Democratic Underground think President Bush might have hack/ex-reporter Jeff Gannon wacked because he's "no use to them."

This website hopes that Mr. Guckert, or whatever his real name is, has made copies of whatever materials he has to reduce the risk that he will be found "suicided" as is the practice in Washington to dispose of troublesome eyewitnesses.
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