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Wednesday, March 9

Art Bell: shilling for the elites

From Rense.com comes an article about Art Bell, who recently hosted Ben Chertoff, author of the Popular Mechanics propaganda piece on 9-11. Of course, Jeff Rense has a vested interest in attracting listeners and subscribers to his show, but we won't mention that. Well, maybe we will.

Last weekend, Art Bell hit a new low.

His guest was author Ben Chertoff, who has written an article in Popular Mechanics Magazine. (Mr. Chertoff, interestingly enough, is the cousin of the newly apppointed head of Homeland Security) The article is a feeble attempt to prop up the government's version of the horrendous occurrences on September 11, 2001. The article is an attempt to quell the voices of the alternative media who have shown the official story to be filled with impossibilities, anomalies, lies, lies and damn lies.

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