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Tuesday, March 1

Banned: Boondocks on Bush Comic

Related: Trio of Papers Pull Today's 'Boondocks' Referring to Bush and Drugs

From: Conspiracy Planet

The comix by Aaron McGruder showed one character saying: "Bush got recorded admitting that he smoked weed." Another character replies: "Maybe he smoked it to take the edge off the coke."

The Chicago Tribune, Detroit News and the Star Tribune in Minneapolis pulled the comix under pressure from the Bush Cabal. The reason the weasely Tribune editors presented for dropping it? The comix "presents inaccurate information as fact."

Can you imagine? Comix presenting "inaccurate" information? Superman and Hellboy, watch out.

The Miami Herald plans to pull "The Boondocks" again on Friday when McGruder strays into more politically incorrect territory.

Yes, the truth is the first victim -- even in the comix world.

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