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Saturday, March 26

Brace for ALL-OUT WAR

Let's follow a thread, shall we?

Via Free Internet Press:

The U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is on the move in Atlantic Ocean and is possibly headed towards the Mediterranean Sea. The convergence of three carrier groups in the corridor of the Middle East will send very strong message to the Syrians and Iranians.

* President Bush's ratings have dropped to an all-time low. MORE

* When the numbers get low, President Bush pumps up the War Machine. MORE

*The USS Roosevelt has moved towards Syria and Iran. MORE

* Bush, Martin and Foxe recently got together at Waco, Texas to obliterate Canadian sovereignty. The symbolism of Waco should not be dismissed.

* You know what happened right after this meeting? Well, 1,600 Mexican military forces have moved North towards the border, supposedly to squash drug-smuggling.

But wait.

* Along the US-Mexican border, the Minutemen have been gathering to combat the influx of 11 million illegal immigrants.

* Both Vincente Foxe and President Bush agree that the Minutemen are "Vigilantes" and they will not be tolerated.

Via CNN:

"DOBBS: Another label being used. This one by the president referring to a volunteer group of American citizens who will be next month monitoring the southern border in Arizona, referring to them as President Vicente Fox has previously, as vigilantes. What is the White House thinking?

KING: Well, Lou, that is one remark that President Fox will go home happy with. He, of course, has been highly critical of those groups, citizen militias, citizen activist groups, who police the border and patrol the border with weapons sometimes because they say the Border Patrol is simply not doing its job.

Mr. Bush saying today that he wants rational enforcement of the laws, and he said, "That's why we have a Border Patrol." But the president clearly speaking out against these groups today, knowing he will face some political heat from them, especially in the border states.

The president saying he was the governor of this state of Texas, he knows those issues well. But that remark to be likely welcomed in Mexico, perhaps not welcomed in all parts of the United States, Lou, as you well know."

* Can you see the possibility here?

The masses have been completely pacified on pablumized coverage of Teri Schiavo. Bush's plan to intervene in her case backfired on him, and now something big is in the works. If these Minutemen start getting knocked off, the jig is up.

Brace for it.

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