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Tuesday, March 1

Chretien eyed in 'conspiracy of silence'

I hope it's not this conspiracy of silence.

Ottawa Sun Online: NEWS - Chretien eyed in 'conspiracy of silence'

MONTREAL -- Adscam Justice John Gomery accused former PM Jean Chretien of participating in a "conspiracy of silence" yesterday, while fending off another attack on his credibility. On the first day of the Montreal leg of his inquiry, Gomery questioned Privy Council clerk Alex Himelfarb for a second time on how much the former PM knew of the auditor general's 2004 report detailing the gross mismanagement of the $250-million sponsorship program.

"There was sort of a conspiracy of silence between the two of you? You don't tell him what you know about the contents of the report and he doesn't ask you?" Gomery asked sharply.

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