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Thursday, March 24

CREEPY: Bush, Fox, Martin announce US-Canadian-Mexican partnership

This is just ABSOLUTELY CREEPY. Paul Martin is a DAMN NEOCON. First he backs out on the missile defence shield, and now he goes with this? Creepy. Just plain creepy.

[U.S. News] Washington, March 24 : The United States, Canada and Mexico have announced the setting up of a "security and prosperity partnership of North America." US President George W Bush, his Mexican counterpart Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin made the declaration at Waco, Texas, saying the security and prosperity of their nations was "mutually dependent and complementary" and explained the impetus for the new initiative.

The three leaders had previously convened at Crawford, Texas, for a trilateral meeting.

"In a rapidly changing world, we must develop new avenues of cooperation that will make our open societies safer and more secure, our businesses more competitive, and our economies more resilient," they said in their statement.

The leaders indicated that the North American partnership will work to achieve these ends and "is committed to reach the highest results to advance the security and well-being of our people." The three countries are already linked in a free trade agreement called NAFTA.

They will implement common border-security strategies, enhance infrastructure protection, implement a common approach to emergency response, besides implementing improvements to aviation and maritime security and enhancing intelligence partnerships.

To improve North American competitiveness, the three countries will pursue regulatory cooperation while maintaining high health and safety standards. They will also promote sectoral cooperation in energy, transportation, financial services and technology, the declaration said. PTI

Bush, Fox, Martin announce US-Canadian-Mexican partnership

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