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Thursday, March 3

The FEC's blogger-bait

Bush-appointed FEC Commissioner Bradley Smith is not a big fan of McCain-Feingold. He would love to have everyone believe that free speech equals the right of any anonymous donor to funnel millions into any campaign they want.
But the left loves McCain-Feingold. So how to get them to hate McCain-Feingold? Imply that you are going to start to try to shut down free speech and bloggers on the Internet because you are being forced to do so by those hateful Democrats on the Federal Election Commission. The best way to do that? How about an interview at CNET entitled "The Coming Crackdown On Blogging." And people ranging from Atrios at Eschaton, Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo, and Armando at Daily Kos seem to be falling all over themselves trying to make alliances with right-wing bloggers to try and stop the "new law."

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