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Saturday, March 5

Gannon could be suicided

**COMMENT** Has anyone thought that Gannon may be on the side of good? Well, turns out some people have. Gannon's the one person, save for Hunter S. Thompson, who would know about the hypo-Christian homosexual Republican underground. Gannon has his teeth firmly planted, not on a Republican, but on the pin of this powder-keg. He's penetrated so many Republicans that people are starting to think that Gannon might turn up "suicided".

It's a novel idea, but Gannon is an ASSET to all those who object to the US Empire and corruption in the highest echelons of power in D.C. Some are concerned that he may show up dead. "But that would only make this thing bigger. The media would blow it wide open" you say. Well, maybe they would go into full-shill mode and find someone to blame, and serve up some braised bloggers. Maybe it's time we viewed Gannon as the best asset in our fight to get this thing aired out before he too is mysteriously "suicided" like HST was.

A Gannon "suicide" would give Ann Coulter et. al. the ultimate cannon-fodder to shut the so-called liberal "new media" right the hell up. In some sort of precedent, an entire group of people on the internet could be held liable for this man's death. Not legally, of course, but in the court of public lynch-mob opinion.

If Gannon turns up dead, the Freepers, Foxes and Feds will crush the blogs.

Don't discount it, because the FEC wants to shut the blogs up. Gannon's suicide would do just the trick, because it would place liability on the blogs and bring forward more calls for regulations over the free market of ideas. Fear for this man's safety and focus on his clients, not the hooker in the White House. If this guy turns up dead, you can kiss Americablog and the Daily Kos goodbye.

**Especially if they are listed in a planted suicide note.**

Gannon's insider knowledge of the Gay Old Party is what keeps him alive, plus the fact that the new media are all over him. But be careful. If he turns up dead, or makes his exit from all this under the guise of a "suicide" and goes underground, the fallout will be tremendous. The lynch mob will come full circle and will want to see some heads roll. Just think about it, folks.

Keep digging, and keep Gannon alive.


I really fear for Gannon's safety. Here is why:

Wackos at Democratic Underground think President Bush might have hack/ex-reporter Jeff Gannon wacked because he's "no use to them."

This website hopes that Mr. Guckert, or whatever his real name is, has made copies of whatever materials he has to reduce the risk that he will be found "suicided" as is the practice in Washington to dispose of troublesome eyewitnesses.

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