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Tuesday, March 8

Hunter S. Thompson Report Online

The real HST report, courtesy of The Smoking Gun

**COMMENT** - Why was Juan firing a shotgun when the cops arrived?

Perhaps to get their attention?

Well, it was to mark his father's death (page 2).

There was also another gun on the shelf near HST (page 3).

But why was the letter HST was writing dated for February 22nd, not February 20th, the day he died (page 6)?

The significance of the writer's last word was unclear yesterday. It could have been the beginning of a letter addressed to a lawyer (one of the American uses of the word counsellor, along with therapist or adviser), he may have been describing himself, or he might simply have wished to confound those looking for neat explanations for his suicide - an echo of Rosebud, the central character's last word in the film Citizen Kane.

Here's a story about one of HST's lawyers, Oscar Zeta Acosta (who was portrayed as Dr. Gonzo in Fear & Loathing) who went missing.

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