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Tuesday, March 1

The Matt Drudge / Jeff Gannon Connection

Matt Drudge's silence on the Gannon-gate affair seemed very odd considering Drudge's past coverage of government scandals.

Drudge, who came to internet stardom by breaking the Lewinsky affair in the Clinton era, rarely mentioned the Jeff Gannon affair on his website drudgereport.com during the past few weeks as this scandal unfolded.

Perhaps because Drudge is a self-proclaimed republican he didn't want to add fire to this growing scandal; in contrast, perhaps Drudge didn't report the story because he has indirect connections with GOPUSA and Talon news.

The right wing website GOPUSA, which has been linked to the Whitehouse-Gannon scandal, regularly publishes David Horowitz's articles. Horowitz's special interest group, Individual Rights Foundation, paid for Matt Drudges legal bills during the DrudgeGate affair in the late 90's.

As Morrie Friendly writes on americanpolitics.com: Drudge was represented by Manny Klausner, whose legal services were financed by David Horowitz's Individual Rights Foundation, the legal wing of his Center for the Study of Popular Culture, a right-wing "think tank" heavily funded by Richard Mellon Scaife.

Interestingly, Bruce Eberle, who has very close connections to Talon News, GOPUSA.com and Gannon, once worked for the Richard Mellon Scaife backed Southeastern Legal Foundation.

The connections between these right wing reporters and Jeff Gannon seem to be more complicated than they appear. Either way, it was very suspicious for Drudge not to report on the Gannon-affair. Perhaps his previous connections forced him to help cover up the Male-Hooker-In-The-Whitehouse scandal along with the rest of the mainstream news organizations.

It would be interesting to see who is financing the costs of gannon/guckerts legal fees if he does end up suing someone.

I guess we will just wait and see.

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