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Tuesday, March 29

Mengele, Schiavo and the Todesengel

Isn't it weird how Terri's full name is Terri Schindler Schiavo? Schindler is German whereas Schiavo is Italian - "Skee-ah-voh" is how it should be pronounced. It's weird how the name Schindler is left out of the picture, except when in referene to her parents. Maybe that would associate her case with Mr. Schindler, who risked his life to actually _save_ the "useless eaters" from their doom.

This whole thing is extremely disheartening. Terri is not on "life support" nor is she in a coma. I don't understand how starving a person to death and hopping them up on morphine is any more humane than having Dr. Jack Kevorkian pay a visit. Funny thing is, that this is how many people will see it after she dies, which is the purpose of the dialectical "plan". Terri is Kevorkian's thesis. Kevorkian was the antithesis because people first reeled in shock when Kevorkian was "suiciding" humans who could actually make a choice. Now, Terri Schaivo makes Kevorkian look more humane by comparison. Kevorkian never starved anyone or let them waste away - he did it quick and painlessly. Speaking of a brave new world - didn't Huxley himself go out high on opiates?

I'm interested in what pastor Meyer of last trumpet ministries has to say about the school shooting on the reserve in Minnesota, because it happened in March 21, the equinox, the day of the occult spring feast and human sacrifice to Ishtar - Easter. The masses are being primed in occult rituals before their very eyes. The kid who did all the shooting called himself the "Angel of Death"

"Todesengel ("angel of death") began a thread titled "Native American Nationalist?" and introduced himself as "Jeff Weise, a Native American from the Red Lake 'Indian' reservation in Minnesota". Todesengel expressed interest in joining the party and said he had done a great deal of research on Hitler, a man he much admired. Later in the thread, Todesengel changed his tag to NativeNazi."

A little further north, in Canada:
"Mr.Ahenakew, a prominent member of Saskatchewan's aboriginal community and a former chief of the Assembly of First Nations, was charged last year after he told a reporter that Hitler was justified when he "fried" six million Jews. aboriginaltimes"
Where did this kid get the name "Angel of Death"? Does Josef Mengele ring any bells?
Mengele was always immaculately prepared for the long-drawn-out rituals of death, the hellish selections which the young SS doctor so regularly attended during his twenty-one months at Auschwitz.

Mengele was behind much of the horrors of Auschwitz, and even he, as evil as he was, showed a strange compassion to his victims. The coldness of Terri's handlers makes even this savage look good.
To complete the mind-programming arguement, let's not forget that Mengele was behind the research that led up to the MK-ULTRA program in the US. Mind-control experiments typically use trauma to create a dissociative state in the victim and alter their personality. I'm beginning to wonder if one of Terri's doctors is one of these scientists who is carrying out a trauma experiemts on a person who is not fully functional. No wonder they want to do an autopsy on her brain to assess the full damage. By researching the effects of starvation on what is left of an already-depleted mind, the doctors will be provided with info useful for prison-camp management tools in assessing how starvation affects "retarded" folks. If they decide that starvation doesn't really hurt these people, then we've arrived right back at the meaning of "useless eaters".

- The Tyranny Response Unit

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