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Tuesday, March 1

More HST/Gannon/Guckert commentary

From Clyde Lewis


"This type of story would have journalists like Hunter S. Thompson frothing at the mouth. Thompson would more than likely be a candidate to sink his teeth into this depravity and expose it to its darkest depths.

Liberals and conservatives are busily beating around the bush because many of them are afraid that it might expose the true nature of our leaders and their sexual appetites.

Most liberals do not care if you visit a hooker. Liberals are not at all interested in what goes on in the bedroom. Most liberals didn’t care that Bill Clinton was serviced by his intern, and so the issue of presidential sex becomes idle gossip is talked about in circles until some harsh reality sets in and we understand that the sexual conduct of our leaders is far more perverse than we realize.

The big question is how the idea of a gay prostitute in the Bush White House is such a surprise when, in the George Herbert Walker Bush White House, a gay prostitution scandal was revealed."

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