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Tuesday, March 1

Morgellons: Mind Control Disease?

Sorcha Faal has an interesting post on Morgellons, which she calls a "Quantum" disease.

I was looking at these pictures of a Morgellons specimen and thought that they look somewhat similar to the things that were pulled out of a man named David A. Larson at us-government-torture.com. That website has something called The Larson Report, which details how this guy had found all these strange electrodes inside his body, many of them microsopic.

Here is a Morgellons Specimen: From HERE

People who had these implants that Larson had also had hallucinations of many kinds, heard voices, etc. Quite possibly, the two could be related.

These things are really weird. Sorcha Faal thinks that they are a Quantum Disease - a physical manifastation of something more metaphysical:

"The knowing of these Western governments too is that there is no earthly cure for these parasites that turn human beings into ‘wool’ to be eaten by the ‘worms’. For the curing of these worms, and as we well know, is to the spirit, the soul, and by the proper saying of the ancient words, of which they (governments) know but will not tell them to their peoples for their fear in letting this knowledge be known.

Even to the ancient philosopher Plotinus were known these things, and as said about him by Dr. Michael Hornum from the United States Bryn Mawr University, "Our higher self does not lie within us, as if an internal organ, or hover somewhere about the galaxy, but is present to each of us with an intimacy closer than any corporeal thing can have."

But these strange fibers are very weird - what if these things are a nano-technology experiment? Have a look at what was pulled out of Larson's body:

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