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Sunday, March 13

Police State: Man Shot 7 Times for Threatening Police

While Canada is still reeling from the recent murder of 4 of its famed Royal Canadian Mountain Police near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the scandal plagued Edmonton Police Service (EPS) is currently being questioned about its excessive use of force in shooting a man 7 times during a call to a domestic dispute.

Edmonton's trigger happy police service is so notorious for its regular misconduct that it was even mentioned in the latest US State Department annual report on human rights. The report noted that "During the year, police in Edmonton were accused of using excessive force when responding to minor infractions in the city's tourist district."

Last Friday, officers were called around 8:45 pm to an Edmonton apartment complex for a call regarding a man threatening his ex-wife and child. Several EPS officers were outside the apartment when the man confronted them outside and was holding a knife in a 'threatening' manner.

Officers yelled at the man and told him to put down his knife while the man 'threatened' to come at them. Although the man did not actually attack them, EPS officers drew their weapons and fired 7 shots at the man because the four officers felt an 'immediate threat to their lives' and 'had no other options available to them.'

Three years ago the EPS purchased 21 Taser guns after being pleased with their initial test results. At the time, EPS spokesman Dean Parthenis raved that 'these things are wonderful tools which make things safer for both our officers and the people they have to subdue...officers always prefer to defuse a volatile situation peacefully but if that can't be done, then Taser's give us a way of using force which does no damage.

Apparently a taser gun was not an option because the police officers were not trained to use the taser's in lethal situations. One would argue that the reason to use tasers is to avoid a lethal situation. Though, the EPS spokesmen dishonestly attempted to defend his organizations excessive use of force by claiming the taser guns are 'ineffective at close range.' This excuse explicitly contradict's the manufacturers claim that tasers are actually meant for close range and in some cases can be lethal if fired in too close of a range.

Some may link the officer's irrational use of force to the recent slaying of 4 R.C.M.P. officers from the Edmonton area, however, the trigger happy EPS will likely avoid the national media spotlight because of the recent outpouring of support for Police officers due to last weeks RCMP slayings.

Only local papers have picked up the story and it does not seem to be very important to news organizations across Canada. Perhaps this is due to the EPS's previous scandal when they stalked a news reporter at his house and at neighborhood pubs in hopes of attempting to find a reason to arrest him because of his regular criticism of the force in the Edmonton Sun news paper. Or perhaps because EPS's constant abuses of human rights is 'old news' and thus its not unexpected.

Either way, the Edmonton Police Force's acronym 'EPS' is gradually starting to resemble what Edmonton is beginning to feel like: Edmonton's Police State.


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