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Friday, March 4

RCMP preparing for civillian insurrection?

Looks like Lenny Bloom's nemesis Julian Fantino is getting some new tricks over in Israel. Lenny Bloom railed against the corruption of the Tornonto drug squad and was harassed by the T.O. police for it.

Source: Truth Seeker

"One wonders whether they will also learn about dealing with civil insurrection and popular revolt; which is what the Israelis are dealing with in Gaza and the West Bank. Will the Canadians also learn how to strip people of their political freedom and deny them some of their most basic human rights, all in the name of security in the "War on Terror"? Because that is basically what is happening in the occupied territories. And perhaps more importantly for Canadians: will the lessons learned in Israel be applied at a later date in Canada? Ed."

CJCONT, UJA Federation & Ontario Police Chiefs travel to Israel
Press Release – Canadian Jewish Congress Communique Feb 28, 2005

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) is joining Canadian Jewish Congress Ontario Region and UJA Federation of Greater Toronto for a special mission to Israel leaving tomorrow.

Nearly 35 Chiefs of Police from Ontario's largest cities as well as towns and regions will take part in a five- day tour that will include opportunities to explore Israeli police procedures, obtain information on anti- terrorism and security matters, and meet with senior police and IDF officials and Palestinian Police officials. The delegation will also tour holy sites and strategic defense positions.

Chairing the mission are Hon. Monte Kwinter, Ontario Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, York Region Police Service Chief and OACP First Vice President Armand LaBarge and CJCONT Chair Joel Richler. Staffing this important mission are CJC CEO and associate member of OACP Bernie M. Farber and Morris Zbar, former Deputy Minister of Correctional Services and presently Senior Vice President, Operations & Corporate Relations, of UJA Federation.

Participants include Ontario Provincial Police Chief Commissioner Gwen Boniface; Dr. James Young, Federal Commissioner of Emergency Management and senior adviser on security and forensics to Hon. Anne McLellan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness; Julian Fantino, newly appointed Ontario Commissioner of Emergency Management; and Paul Hamelin, President of the OACP and Midland Police Service Chief.

"This is a unique opportunity and I am pleased that Ontario is taking the lead in putting together this police learning experience. Both CJCONT and UJA Federation deserve our praise for establishing this trip which brings together both Israeli and Palestinian expertise on vital security matters," stated the Hon. Monte Kwinter.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for our association and for Ontario police chiefs to witness firsthand the manner in which one of the world's most sophisticated democratic states deals with terrorism and security in the 21st century," said Armand LaBarge. "From the moment this trip was announced, there was a huge level of interest. In fact, we were unable to accommodate all the chiefs who wanted to participate, and so we hope to run another trip some time in the future."

"UJA Federation has organized dozens of missions to Israel with thousands of participants, but this one is truly unique. It's an honour for us to help Israel host such a distinguished delegation," said UJA Federation Board Chair, Leslie Gales. "We believe this is the first trip of its kind in North America, with police chiefs from large and small police forces across the Ontario participating in such large numbers," said Joel Richler, CJCONT Chair. "These chiefs will have an important opportunity to learn from their counterparts in a country where security is paramount in daily life."

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