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Saturday, March 5

Republican media adviser turns up dead

First of all, Sonny Bono also turned up dead after heading the Entertainment Task Force.

Was Sonny Bono murdered? CLICK HERE

This story contains a glaring error of omission. "Barber Griffith & Rogers" is mis-spelled. It should be "Barbour". Perhaps this is meant to make it more difficult to find the group's website, where you will find the bio of R.G. Stevens and stumble onto this juicy detail: Steven's involvement with HUD and the Hollywood-White House Task Force on Entertainment.

Greg Stevens then served as Director of the Entertainment Outreach for the 2001 Presidential Inaugural Committee, where he recruited and directed all celebrity performances and involvement on behalf of the newly-elected President and Vice President of the United States.

On October 17, 2001 the White House announced the formation of an "Arts and Entertainment Task Force" to harness a massive movement throughout much of Hollywood "to do something" in reaction to the events of September 11

. . .

During the Bush Administration, Greg served as Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Jack Kemp. In this capacity, he managed the field operations of ten HUD Regional Administrators and coordinated the Secretary's involvement in department programs throughout these regions.

Former Bush Assistant Secretary for HUD Reveals "Ethnic Cleansing"

. . .

Greg served as Director of the Surrogate Satellite program and Political Operations for the Bush Platform Team during the 1988 Bush-Quayle Presidential Campaign. Following President Bush's election, Greg was appointed White House Liaison to HUD where he managed all White House transition issues.

The company was founded in 1991. On its website it states "our firm is actively involved in the shaping of public policy issues that dominate the American political and corporate agenda. We serve as advocates in federal government relations, a vital link to state governments, and an ally in business development anywhere in the U.S. and in markets around the world." [2].

In a profile on the company and its strong connections with the Republican Party, Thomas B. Edsall wrote in the Washington Post that "in less than a decade, the Barbour Griffith & Rogers lobbying shop has become one of the most profitable operations in Washington". [3]

According to Haley Barbour, who was sworn in as the Governor of Mississipi in January 2004, the firm was sold to the Interpublic Group of Companies in 1999. Part of the sale deal was that the name remain the same even though Barbour no longer had a financial stake in the company. [4]

In a September 2003 article on his blogsite, Josh Marshall wrote that New Bridge Strategies - a company established to help clients win Iraq reconstruction contracts - "looks an awful lot like an outgrowth of Barbour Griffith and Rogers". [5]


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Republican media adviser R. Gregory Stevens died in a guest room at the home of longtime friend and actress Carrie Fisher. He was 42.

Fisher found Stevens dead Feb. 26. An autopsy failed to immediately determine the cause of death. Foul play was not suspected, David Campbell of the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office said Friday.

During last year's presidential race, Stevens served as co-chairman of the Bush/Cheney Entertainment Task Force and managed the campaign's relationships with entertainment industry leaders and film, television and music celebrities.

Stevens, an associate with a Washington lobbying group Barber Griffith & Rogers, specialized in foreign campaign consulting and advised candidates in 24 international elections, according to his biography posted on the firm's Web site.


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