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Friday, March 25

Response to the Des Moines Register, re: Gannon/Gosch

The Tyranny Response Unit received a query from a reporter at the Des Moines Register asking three basic questions about the Gannon-Guckert-Gosch theory.

1. When did we become aware of the story?

2. Why did we blog it?

3. Are we convinced that Gannon is Gosch?

Libertythink.com has chosen to publish their response, and so have we.

Our official response is as follows.

To the Des Moines Register:

We first came across the Gannon/Guckert theory last month through Jeff Wells, who, in turn, was later tipped off to the Gannon/Gosch idea vis-a-vis THIS thread at Democratic Underground.

It interests us because:

* The 1989 Child-sex-ring cover-up that was covered by the Washington Times indicates that the idea of a homosexual underground within the Republican camp is not new.

*We find it interesting that the name of the then-publisher of the Des Moines Register was a James Gannon, and this is possibly who Guckert/Gannon stole his pen-name from.

We chose to blog it because:

* It was in response to the market demand in the blogosphere. People were digging hard, and we offer a perspective not found in the mainstream media.

* The coincidence between the name of your former editor and the fake name of "Gannon" is certainly strange. Johnny Gosch may have been abducted and pulled into the MK-ULTRA program, where he may have adopted the Gannon "alter".

* There may be mind-control elements with Gannon, because if he really was pimping out gay hookers in the White House, anonymity is essential. It's possible, but not probable, as we have not found any evidence that Gannon was offering other services when he was in the White House. If he did, how would he ensure anonymity?

* The strange association of Hunter S. Thompson and Jeff Gannon is noteworthy. Gannon made a subtle reference to HST in his come-back column, which only served to fuel the speculation.

* Lenny Bloom and Sherman Skolnick have postulated that Hunter S. Thompson may have had insider knowledge of the Gannon affair and was possibly going to write on it. HST would have been all over this story if he were still alive.

*The name Hunter Thompson is cited in Paul Bonnacci's testimony in the Franklin-pedophile case. We don't think HST was a pedophile at all, but he may had knowledge of what was going on. TRUNews takes the stance that HST's death is suspicious.

*The photographer who was likely using Hunter's name (in Bonnacci's testimony) as a cover was arrested shortly after HST was "suicided".

* Noreen Gosch has neither confirmed or denied Gannon's identity, and this is telling. If Gannon really is Gosch, then he can bring down the Bush Administration. We are concerned for his safety and feel that most of the coverage has centered on the sexual hipocrisy of the whole affair, when it should focus on Gannon's possible clientel. We expect to see in the future a media blitzkrieg on Noreen Gosch that will discredit her.

Are we convinced?

We'd need some convincing proof that Gannon is Gosch, such as the word of Noreen Gosch. However, we fear that if she does so, Gannon will turn up "suicided". Gannon likely has inside info on the gay Republican underground, and is on the "good guy's" side. He is not the enemy that the blogosphere has made him out to be.

Good luck on the story and we hope that you uncover the details that could take Gannon-gate to the next level of intrigue.

- The Tyranny Response Unit

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